1945-1950 lacrosse clip of kids playing in Vancouver

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    I came across this clip recently, which I found in a 14-mins film produced in 1950 by the Vancouver Parks Board. Called Our People At Play, it looked at the various amateur sports and recreation activities in the city.

    This clip I edited from the main film; it dates from between 1945 and 1950 and it's appears to be at an now non-existent outdoor box in the Point Grey neighbhourhood located in the westside of Vancouver. The adult or teenager at the faceoff setting the ball, is wearing what looks like a Vancouver Burrards coat with their original maltese-cross logo.

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    Since this clip got posted last week and subsequently and shared around the lacrosse community around the world, I've been able to find out a few things. The teams are Vancouver Bluebirds and South Burnaby. The location is almost for sure the old Hastings lacrosse box in East Vancouver, across from the PNE grounds, and the second goalkeeper (who gets scored on twice) is Howie Smith, father of goalkeeper Douglas Smith - a local Senior B and Senior C goalkeeper. Howie Smith would have been around 10 years old at that time and seven years later in 1957, he would play 1 game in goal in the ICLL (Snr A League before WLA) for Vancouver Pilseners.

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