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Discussion in 'Georgia Swarm Forum' started by mtbf, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Rigger

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    Wonder how long it will be before Edmonton gets a team back in town.. They couldn't starve out Urban and get the Rush for free, he picked up and went to Saskatoon.. With a new rink opening up next year, the Oilers (NHL) would replicate other cities where hockey franchises own NLL teams.. Maybe the Edmonton Swarm?
  2. jetman

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    The attendance at tonight's game against the Bandits was pathetic. Don't know what the announced attendance was, but it sure looked like there were less than 1000 people actually in the arena. Hope the Arlottas are really happy now, because they sure screwed the Minnesota fans and are now getting payback.
  3. jetman

    jetman Active Member

    Official attendance was 3355. Can't believe that there were even a third that many people actually in the arena.
  4. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    A lot were Buffalo fans either transplanted or traveled you could see them in the crowd
  5. LordStanley1893

    LordStanley1893 Active Member

    Brutal for a Saturday game with that building capacity.
  6. Corporal

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    The new MLL team in Atlanta, the Blaze, should at least be learning not what to do when it comes to running a pro lacrosse team. So all may not be lost for pro lacrosse fans in Georgia.

    Watching #NotMySwarm makes me more sad than mad right now seeing the players especially the MNSwarm players having to be stuck with this ownership and the fans getting to experience the NLL through the lens of one of five worst ownership groups in league history.
  7. chuckster

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    I traveled and brought 2 transplanted Buffalonians with me. I'd say there were about 100 or so but they were vocal.
  8. BanditsRock11

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    Not guessing their next home game will be any better being another Sunday game...
  9. Swarmfan26

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    So I frequently take sports trips and frequent the site "Stadium Journey" (I'm sure some, if not most of you on here have heard of it). Anyways the "Georgia Swarm" and their arena were recently a "featured review" on the homepage. Anyways, I got a kick out of it. Didn't think it was worthy of it's own thread, and this has been much about attendance and all, so thought I'd just share it in here. Sure many of you will get a kick out of it.


    I particularly got a kick out of the line about how other fans around the league could learn a lot about the game from Swarm fans. Ha If the comment hasn't been deleted there are some great one liners in that, too.
  10. BanditsRock11

    BanditsRock11 Well-Known Member

    3,577 according to NLL.com for the Swarm home game yesterday vs. Colorado...
  11. jetman

    jetman Active Member

    I'm guessing that you made the comment after the review. Good job in refuting the "featured review". Wonder if the writer has ever been to another NLL arena. I guess in his view, games in Buffalo, Denver or Saskatoon just can't beat the experience of a good 'ol Georgia Swarm game.
  12. Mr Boo

    Mr Boo Well-Known Member

    I must disagree. Obviously the commenter has a bone to pick with the Swarm owners. And while much of what he says may be factual, it has little to do with the game-day experience in Gwinnett. Clearly the commenter has never been to a game in Georgia and some of his comments are just baseless attacks: "minor league dump", "gang violence", "one of the disadvantages is... everything", etc.

    I feel bad for fans in Minnesota - they lost their team and basically got screwed over by the Arlottas so I understand that they're angry. But that comment isn't a rebuttal. It just smacks of a "sour grapes" former Swarm fan.

    That said, the original writer of the review is definitely looking through Swarm-coloured glasses, saying nothing negative. The bit about "other fan bases can learn a lot from Swarm fans" is... um... questionable, and there's only one mention about "bringing in more fans" like low attendance is a teeny tiny little problem that you can almost ignore.
  13. Swarmfan26

    Swarmfan26 New Member

    Correct. And ha, thanks... But, yeah. This sounds like a guy who either doesn't get out of the house much, or doesn't go to many sporting events. It actually reminded me of many of the stuff I heard up here when I first started growing weary of the Arlottas and the team's direction (on and off the field).
    "We're losing and crowds are shrinking each week? Who cares? We can still do the Surfin' Bird while play is going on at least" (not an actual quote, of course).

    You are actually correct. Constructive criticism wasn't really my main focus, I admit it. I often take my cheap shots, when I see fitting, especially with the Arlottas/Swarm involved. And yes, I've never been to a game in Gwinett county, but in my defense (only slightly), it seems they are serving up the same experience they were giving fans here for the most part.

    I was surprised to see that the arena actually doesn't host any minor league teams even. Lingerie football, college hockey and the Swarm. Granted, it was more of a comment about how they went from one of the most revered indoor stadiums in America to whatever that little arena down there would be considered. Slight side note, I was surprised we never got an All-Star game here. And one thing the Swarm did well was, despite the size of the X, make it easy to ignore that 1/2 the lower level, the club level and the upper level were empty at the X. Doesn't sound like the same in a smaller arena. Same reasoning for 2nd stadium jab.

    The gang violence comment was just a jab at the notorious gang troubles in the Atlanta metro area from the 2000s. I've heard it's not as bad now-a-days, but not sure. I haven't lived down south for a while.

    "Sour Grapes", yes. Not because of the move, though. It goes back further than that and is much more personal.

    I wouldn't feel too bad for Minnesota fans. Yes, we lost our team, but it's not like interest and tolerance hadn't been waning the last 2-3 years. Almost my entire family had season tickets for a while, but most had cancelled them by the last season here, and the ones who didn't said that even if the team would have stayed for this season, they wouldn't have renewed. Obviously a small sample size, but I'm sure they weren't the only ones. I'd love to have lacrosse here again. Whether at the U of M, the MLL or NLL (as long as the Arlottas weren't associated). That being said, if the choices were losing lacrosse here for a while (I'm confident it'll be back here at a "major" level eventually), or continuing to see the miserable state of the team get worse, I'd rather they had left. We have enough teams like that up here already.

    Agreed on the review, though. It almost feels like the team had someone write it for them, but I don't think they are that clever or self aware.
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  14. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    I had no problem with the review. It was written by a local person about their local experience at a Georgia Swarm game. Over the years, I've seen similar reviews in other websites or publications.

    The comment about how other fans around the league could learn a lot about the game from Swarm fans, I interpreted as applying to fans over other sports, not a dis against any other NLL market. Let's face it, those of us who do go to these games in the low 1000s in attendance are the serious or hardcore fans who usually know their sh:t. In many of the bigger sports, people go because it's the thing to do - they are "fair weather fans".

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