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Discussion in 'Rochester Knighthawks Forum' started by BeerMan, Jan 31, 2001.

  1. BeerMan

    BeerMan New Member

    Thanks Jim for the tips. I am looking forward to eating at the Dino. I "believe" that our seats are in section 221, row N. There are six of us going and a friend has made the reservations. 221-N looks pretty far up but she had a hard time booking six seats in a row. The Krew, I believe, are one section over but in row A.

  2. Jim_in_Roch

    Jim_in_Roch New Member

    Another tip - if you'd like to get an idea of the food & music at the Dino, check out their web site (www.dinosaurbarbque.com). That way you can get an idea of what interests you. Also, if you want to get an idea of the view from your seat, go to (www.bluecrossarena.com/hockey_map.htm), and click on the section you'll be in.


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  3. Krewman

    Krewman New Member

    Hey BeerMan, let me know which hotel you guys are staying at. Post it here and I will give you directions to Krispy Kreme. Knabber and myself sit in Section 220 first row. Look for a Chugger or Toole Time banner. Come on over and say hey. See you then.

  4. BeerMan

    BeerMan New Member

    The six of us are staying at the Sheraton Four Points Riverside. I believe it is downtown near the arena.

    Please do give me the directions to Krispy Kreme. I am looking forward to trying the hot glazed donuts.

  5. Haftalax

    Haftalax New Member

    <FONT size="4">In the tradition of Lacrosse - A Peace Offering before the Match !!</FONT s>

    Hey Beerman and friends;

    I will save you the hassle of trying to get around the Henrietta area before the game Saturday. As a token of the Knighthawks Krew appreciation of your attendance to our city for the first time, I will personally go to Krispy Kremes just before the game and get you a dozen HOT originals. When you see us arrive at Section 220 Row A, come down and introduce yourselves and I will give them to you. Hope to see you Saturday !!

    Knabber da man who puts the holes in the donuts.

  6. Jim_in_Roch

    Jim_in_Roch New Member

    What's all the hoopla about Krispy Kreme? It's just a freakin' doughnut, and not a very good one I might add. I had one once, and it was NO BIG DEAL! Even Tops or Wegmans have better doughnuts. If you want a real good doughnut, though, ya gotta go to Ridge Donuts on Portland Ave. In my mind those are the best! As for Knabber being the guy who puts the holes in the doughnuts, I heard he was the one who cream fills the doughnuts! (Had to get ya back for the Pulled Dork). Oops - gotta get going - it's Dinosaur night tonight. What am I talkin' about - every night is Dinosaur night!

  7. Christ, Pulled Pork Jim!
    When isn't it?
    I'm suprised you haven't grown a corkscrew tail!Though I have noticed your nose getting flatter these days!

    And by the way, I had lunch there Sat.
    Listened to some great blues tunes, looked at some pretty ladies, had a cold one, and some great food. Ya know what? Didn't have to wait a freakin hour for a table!
    Saturday night is LAX night! Hang with the best lax fans IN THE WORLD at the post game! Then grab a Dino sandwich on the way out of town the next day! That way you won't miss a thing!!
    And Knabber, save a KK for me! I haven't ever tried one either!
    Most Sincerely,
    Gonzo In Roch

    It's...The Gonzo Page!!! www.gonzopage.com

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  8. BeerMan

    BeerMan New Member

    The peace offering is very noble and I will take you up on your offer!

    Jim, I don't know what the big deal is about Krispy Kremes. That's what I want to find out. Up here, we have been inundated with stories about Krispy Kreme, the chain's threat to Tim Hortons, how going there is a semi-religious experience in the South, etc.... There was just another story in the National Post yesterday about them.
  9. Haftalax

    Haftalax New Member

    <FONT size="4">PPJ has no tastebuds left !</FONT s>

    Dear Beerman;

    I have to apologize for PPJ's cynical demeanor. His tastebuds are perverted from the Jabanero Hot Sauce at the Dino. When I went to UNC, Krispy Kremes was the staple for Sunday morning hangovers. A dozen Originals followed by a Tarheel Tipper and Sundays were bearable. I will now have to bring 2 dozen originals since Gonz is coming to scrounge. Trust me if the Dino owned Krispy Kremes, PPJ couldn't get enough of them. Anyway, See ya Saturday night and bring some damn beer to the post post game party.

    Knabber da Krispy Kremes spokesman

  10. Jim_in_Roch

    Jim_in_Roch New Member

    Sure, Gonz, make believe you don't like the place, and then go there when my back is turned! How 'bout goin' there with ME after a game sometime? As far as KK being a threat to Dead Donuts, I don't see that happening, DD has a very good product. Knab - I doubt I'd go to KK if the Dino owned it - I know the owner, and I don't think he'd back a product like that. Also, Knab - FYI - Habanero is spelled with an "H", not a "J"! See? You're not going there enough to read all the labels on the sauce bottles.

    PPJ - always da anal retentive
  11. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Definitely won't find this sort of thing at Stock Exchange.

    Crazy to see how much **** has changed since 2001.... Empire Brewery is long gone, as is Krispy Kreme, and the old 4 Points Sheraton now sucks (but my understanding is that it'll be nice again in a year or two).
  12. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Are any of the people in this thread outside of Knabber still around? I know he's still on this earth because he was in that video the D&C posted before game 2 of the finals and I saw him in his Knabber jersey at the BCA. He looked really heavy and, as he would say, "in shape. Round is a shape" :p
  13. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I saw Taz at a game randomly back in February in Rochester, and I'm sure he'll be at games in Philadelphia next season. I think Gonzo is alive, but just isn't attending Knighthawks games for various reasons, not that that is any of my damn bees wax.
  14. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    This is correct.

    Krewman is still around, and lives in our area. I assume he'll make an appearance at Fann Cup this year.

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