2010/2011 Knighthawks Krew Hotel Rate

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    If they're giving you too much bullshit, vote with your wallet.

    If there's no other big event in Rochester on game day, just priceline the Crowne (across the river and just as close to Stock Exchange), or the Hyatt (across the street, ~16 strides farther from Stock Exchange).

    You might pay a few more dollars for your night, but in my few years old experience, both of those options put you in a better hotel.

    If you don't mind driving after the night @ stock exchange, or if you're willing to brave Rochester's (unbelievably terrible) taxi services, I would also recommend the Strathallan on East Avenue.....got "stuck" there once when all other options were full, and it's a better hotel than all of the State-Main options. Two miles from Stock.
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    Hi there,
    Are there any other deals with hotels this year? Just tried to book a room for Feb.23 against Philly and they don't have anything available. I think it was in 2008 there was a deal with another hotel but I can not remember the name of it, the employees were on strike thou I remember.
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    So the first time I call I'm told they have no rooms available Feb.23, so I called again and after no one knowing of this rate I just spoke to a Dan and was told that there are rooms available but there are restrictions on booking the rooms using the Krew Rate that weekend. I would have to book it for two nights in order to get the deal as there are other events going on in Rochester. Said to call sometime later and speak with a Cheryl. Never had this issue traveling to Rochester before!!!

    So now I'm confused I thought this sort of arrangement was set up when the Knighthawks had a game? Now I have to spend an extra night to save a little money?
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    I just spoke with Cheryl (reservation manager) at the Radison they have rooms available but they are not offering the Krew rate the weekend of Feb.23 as they have the potential to sell out their rooms. She would be more than happy to book a room at regular price but I would have to book Friday as well.

    If anyone is looking to book a room when they go to a game try The Rochester Plaza as I called there and got a room for $96.90 ($85+taxes) and parking is $4. Mention Rochester Knighthawks Crew.
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    I had people wondering if you have a Kew rate for this Sat night for NLL Fans making the trip.....
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    Hey Guys, the Radisson is looking to get ahold of someone to lock in a rate for this year. I inquired about it while I was just there for work. Knabber is this your department? The new manager s name is Nancy Sweazy.
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    Anyone ever lock this in? We're coming up for the 2/21 game.
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    Sweet post.

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