2011 Krewhawks Floor Time

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  1. khawksfan

    khawksfan New Member

    We play at the Rochester Sports garden On E. Henrietta Rd. just north of Jefferson.

    All is welcome you need a helmet and gloves.

    Arm Guards are recommended. Its light stick to stick contact.

    This Saturday we play 1-2:30 The sports garden does not open until 1:00 so don't think you have the wrong time if you get there early and its locked up.

    After this weekend we go back to our 11:30 -1:00 time slot until May.
  2. sulaxaholic

    sulaxaholic New Member

    Can anyone show up for this ? or do u have to be a member of some sort?
  3. Gohawks13

    Gohawks13 New Member

    anybody can show.. this is for all skill levels and is coed. If you are short some gear post here and we will see what we can come up with. Floor time this saturday 1/5 at sports garden 11:30 to 1. $10 a person to cover floor time
  4. khawksfan

    khawksfan New Member

    Just a FYI we do not have open floor time this week 1/15 at the Sports Garden we will be back the following week 1/22

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