2012 and 2013 Knighthawks Krew Hotel Rate

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  1. KhawkCruisin

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    Attention all incoming lacrosse fans. Hahaha

    The Knighthawks Krew is proud to announce we have renewed our partnership with the Radisson Riverside Hotel for the next 2 years!!

    The Knighthawks Krew has secured a rate of $85.00 per night for a room in the Radisson Riverside Hotel in downtown Rochester for this year and next year.

    To secure this rate during the Knighthawks season, please call 585.546.6400 or 1.800.333.3333 and ask for the KREW RATE. Obviously, the rate is only available while rooms last.

    If you have any questions about this rate or if you have any problems booking a room, please contact KhawkCruisin (Jen Knab) at knighthawkskrew@yahoo.com or through this message board.

    Thanks Everyone, we look forward to seeing everyone this season.
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  2. buffaloindoorfan

    buffaloindoorfan New Member

    Sorry to be a pain, but I am having difficulty in booking at the Radisson. Two different people claimed to not have any knowledge of the Krew rate. Honestly I ran in to the same problem last year and just booked online....is there anyone specifically at the hotel I can ask for perhaps?
  3. Haftalax

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    Ask for the sales department.

    When I get back from Philadelphia, I will double check why we are having issues.

    For now, please ask for the sales department and specifically Jacob, he knows about the rate.

    Also, make sure you ask for the in house reservations, not the national line. If you just ask for reservations, they will bounce your call to the national reservation line.

    A LNR usually is not recognized at the national line.

    Sorry for the issues.

    Knabber da heading to Philly, thank God I put those snow chains on last night. hahahaha
  4. buffaloindoorfan

    buffaloindoorfan New Member


    Thank you so much, I called and spoke to Jake and like 2 minutes later I have a reservation. I think what you described is exactly how I was messing up, by asking for 'reservations'.....thank you!
  5. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Holy hell, I just had the worst time possible because I asked for the "Krew Rate" instead of the "Knighthawks Rate". :doh:

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