2018-19 Updated Rosters

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    Below are links for each team's roster, in different formats, which all can be viewed at www.swarmitup.com. To access the roster pages below on the site, just look for the following icon:


    I follow the NLL transaction page, IL Indoor, team web sites and do a lot of googling to keep this up to date again after some time off for personal reasons.

    For each team, I have a numerical roster, a picture roster and a depth chart. The depth chart is based on my own observations and are dated to show the last update. However, if any NLL General Manager or Coach wants to send me their depth chart to post, I am more than willing to oblige. Of course, if I have incorrect information about a player or coach, I am more than willing to correct. All NLL players, coaches and gm's are more than welcome to give their input and offer up corrections.

    During the best years of the NLL (2005 - 2015) when I got to watch the hometown Minnesota Swarm, I would dive deep in their comings and goings. Since my team was stolen by the carpetbaggers, they are now #NotMySwarm. Which means I spread my time around following all the teams having really no preference for any of them, except for a bit more extra-special dislike toward #NotMySwarm.

    East Division
    West Division
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  2. mtbf

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    great job
  3. Rick716

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    Fantastic work. The addition of the players' social media pages is nice bonus. Great to see you back!
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    Thanks Corporal! Amazing job.
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    you put to shame both leagues' websites.
  6. chuckster

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    Excellent information!! The NLL should hire you to maintain their stats.

    One thing I would suggest for those of us who have a color blindness is that because of some of the color mixing, the text is difficult to read on some pages (Bandits, Roughnecks and Wolves, especially) . I like this tool -- https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/ -- to help with that. Follow the guidelines for WCAG 2 level AA or AAA.
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    John, always good to have you and know that you are doing the stellar work that you do!

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