6000 Season Tickets Sold

Discussion in 'Toronto Rock Forum' started by canlax, Oct 22, 2001.

  1. canlax

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  2. Baggy

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    Are you sure its the Rock?

    I think that it may be 6,000 Ottawa CFL tickets.
    Thats my guess.
  3. torrrock

    torrrock New Member

    I think Baggy's right.

    Last I heard, 97% of the Rock season ticket holders have renewed there season tickets and they've sold another 1000, for a total of 8000.

    I tried to add 2 more seats to my 4 (to hook more people into the game) but had no luck.
  4. canlax

    canlax New Member

    Even Better!

    My bad but hey 8000 season tickets is a hell of a lot better then 6000!
  5. Pinhead

    Pinhead New Member

    Does anyonehave any idea how many season ticket holders there were in the Rock's first season in Toronto? Here in Vancouver we're hovering around 2000 so far and I find that a little discouraging....
  6. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member


    2000 really isn't terrible. The key for the first season is to grow the fan base. If they start with 2,000 STH and 1,500 walk ups for a 3,500 opening night crowd, but end the season with a crowd of 7,500-8,000, then the 2002-03 STH will go up.
  7. RavenFan

    RavenFan New Member

    Drag em by the ear

    Well us Vancouverites just have do hook people on lacrosse, theres many WLA fans and JR.A fans that we have to get hooked on the NLL. Also all the people that don't know lacrosse. Just offer them a free ticket to go to a game with you. The 2nd game they will take you :p
  8. mik

    mik New Member

    Fans for the Seats

    I'd have thought that the fan base in Vancouver would be substanial, the WLA is huge like, as is the OLA. The Roughnecks are rapidly approaching 2500 season tickets, which no doubt are the 2500 ex-pats from either BC or Ontario. Only in the past couple years has Lacrosse taken hold for the in the youth seen here, growing all the time though.

    There's even a Masters group starting up with aspirations of a League. Hopefully we'll get a lot of Game Day buyers out of curiousity that find it as exciting as anything they've ever seen.
  9. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    8,000 season tickets? Sigh.....
  10. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    8,000 total patrons is not even unheard of these days.

    I think the ticketmaster maps show us that there are still several thousand season seats, but, the walkup sucks balls compared to last decade.

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