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    "Post-season participants every year since 2011, the Mammoth finally got over the hump and will play in the National Lacrosse League West Division finals." -

    Or you could say The Mammoth win their first playoff game since the Champions Cup in 2006... Nevermind the losses in the first rounds 07-09. Completely missing the playoffs in 2010 while managing to lose all 8 home games and GM Steve Govett briefly appointing himself head coach.
    for reference
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    It reminds me of how the Mammoth always gain players on a trade, with no mention of who they sent away. As if those players never existed.
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    All the best people were telling me how tremendous this game was. You will be sick of all the winning the Mammoth will now do. :D
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    When did Pat Coyle get so fat?
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    What a mammoth collapse tonight.

    See what I did there?

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