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Discussion in 'Anaheim Storm Forum' started by wordup!, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. wordup!

    wordup! New Member

    does any one have a jersey with the name and number on them? i want to get a pic so i can get a few custom ones made up. thanks for helping!

    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    check with al from lethbridge on the roughnecks forum

    i know he has a shawn cable with the name bar

    i have a blue # 39 but the name was taken off the jersey
  3. wordup!

    wordup! New Member

    the #39 jersey- that is the goalie one right? want to sell it?
    you got a pic of the jersey?
  4. GeorgetownLAX

    GeorgetownLAX New Member

    Where do you get them customized?
  5. wordup!

    wordup! New Member

    any hockey jersey spot can do it
  6. GeorgetownLAX

    GeorgetownLAX New Member

    Like what? Suggestions?

    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    yes the # 39 goalie jersey is for sale

    it does not have a name bar but does have the killians red sponsor patch

    on it as well

    not set up for pics

    e-mail me

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