Anyone else feeeling antsy?

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by fandit, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    When I walked out of the Arena after the last game, I was thinking this would be an exciting off season. I was anticipating big changes. I was sure it would be interesting. We had the 3rd and 4th picks in the draft. Than came the story about PSE buying the Knighthawks. Then the rumors about Austin Staats wanting to play here. Now rumors of Matt Vinc, possibly signing here. All great stuff..............
    Yet, very little has happened. Chugger was brought back. The expansion draft went well, but what of all the rest? No word on the coaching staff. No word on the draft or Staats. The Knighthawks story went totally silent. Just one free agent signing. I'm starting to get anxious.
    Anybody else wishing more would happen?
  2. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Just for the sake of something happening? No. The entry draft still has time to play itself out and even if Chugger does nothing, picks #3 and #4 should be starters for years to come. I think Staats still has time to officially declare for the draft if he's coming in.

    The Hawks story is tricky and there are likely talks going on behind the scenes still. They will be in Rochester for this coming season so there's that. I would be surprised if Vinc left the Hawks for the coming season so at the very least, consider another year of Buque and Higgins in net as being likely. But apparently Teddy Jenner Tweeted that he thinks Vinc is changing teams this year.

    I assume that the coaching staff is coming back. If there were changes to be made, they should have been made by now.

    For now, enjoy the summer and go see some summer lax action at Six Nations or Oakville. Heck, if you're nice, you might even be able to get some info out of the many Bandits involved (playing/coaching) in that semi-final series.
  3. valleygoalie

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    Steve Bermel reported that the reason for a lack of big free agent signing has to do with the current CBA. Not sure how if the current CBA agreement is up or not.

    But most the players that have signed so far this summer have been bottom end players or free agents.

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