Anyone else thinking of going to Boston for the game on March 14??

Discussion in 'Toronto Rock Roadies Forum' started by newlaxfan2, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. newlaxfan2

    newlaxfan2 New Member

    I am! It's the first weekend of the March Break so the timing is great for me! And it helps that it's a Saturday game, not a Friday night one.

    Who else is thinking of going??
  2. newlaxfan2

    newlaxfan2 New Member

    So ... which Roadies are going to this one?

    I'm going, assuming the driving conditions are decent. Not sure where I'll stay though. Still need to sort that out.

    Are any of you staying past Sunday? I'm probably going to be there until Tuesday or Wednesday, playing tourist.

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