Anyone know what NRLL is??

Discussion in 'Portland LumberJax Forum' started by L Jax!!, May 18, 2009.

  1. L Jax!!

    L Jax!! New Member

    Does anyone know what NRLL is?? I tried the 'ol Google thing & it came up with something in regards to Little League.

    Reason I ask is that, with my job, we had a trucking company bring in some packages being shipped from Nike & I noticed on the boxes that it read: Nike Lacrosse Posters, so, I was intrigued & upon inspection, there were posters in there & on said poster there were 4 players on it & Ryan Powell was in the middle of the group shot with NRLL on the jersey he was wearing. I didn't recognize the other 4 players, sorry. Assuming that these are going to be for sale for the College Championship Games upcoming in Boston. Which just so happens to be where they were going. Just curious is all....
  2. wingswin

    wingswin New Member

    since nike now sells lacrosse gear it most likely stands for Nike SOMETHING Lacrosse League.

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