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    I’m glad others are seeing and feeling it to. I used to have hairs stand up on my neck during the old pre game presentation which included Chutes and Ladders. I was ready to run through a wall, and I wasn’t even playing. Who ever is responsible for the present pre game presentation needs to be assigned to a new job. It’s terrible. It does nothing to set the tone and get the crowd pumped. BTW, the drum corps does absolutely nothing to get the Bills’ crowd fired up. Why are they now a part of the Bandit experience?
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    This hits the nail on the head in every way, The original intro just did something to you. They had captured something special and they have let it go. Fans would arrive early and were in their seats for that intro because they had to see it, no one wanted to miss it, even fans from other teams. The lights finally turn off and people start cheering, here we go. Anticipation fills the arena, the bagpipe hits that opening note and the place erupts. The steady beat of the drums get the heart pumping. . Swennie comes on the mic, "Aaaaand now your Buffalooo what!?" And the place would shake and sound angry when the fans would respond. We were ready, they were ready. It was a true home field advantage and set the tone before play even started, you were in Banditland, and if you weren't a Bandit, you weren't going to like it.

    What once was an identity and very much a part of the game, is now as dead and lifeless and as standard as a Sabres game or any other generic opening in any league, full of bells, whistles, and lights, but lacking character and personality. As I sloppily said before, They have too much going on, house and pop music and lights swirling everywhere, a bag piper that doesn't fit in anymore with no lights and no purpose for the song or bag piper, then a random rock song during a video with more swirling lights, and it's all sloshed together with no flow. It's all just sloppy and it bugs so may people because it was perfect before.

    As far as the drummers go, I think it's the fact that they are a bunch of dorky looking white guys smiling while they play, and not Nick Cannon from the timeless classic, Drumline.
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    I don't know what the general consensus is among Bandits fans, but one thing I kinda like is that each Bandits player seems to have a particular song that they play whenever they score a goal. I noticed Craig Englund uses Stone Cold's theme song, and that Callum Crawford uses Flashing Lights.
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    That part is cool. Like baseball players when they come up to bat.
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    So when I was a kid I had Toronto Rock season tickets from 2000-2005. Then we went to see the Rock play in Buffalo and I have only been back to the ACC twice since then to see the Rock and one was last week vs Bandits. I drive to Buffalo almost every game from Toronto... Even if there is a snow storm.

    In recent years though I have seen the decline in atmosphere at Bandits games. It seems you have millennials running the show I am a millennial I am in the entertainment industry but let me tell you millennials have no vision especially when they have a university degree. They just learn the same cookie cutter program everyone else learns.

    Bring back shoots and ladders... When you took it away I was so cheesed and the crowd mellowed out. You have lights shooting around, program them DMX... Make a light show. Get some fireworks, dry Ice tones of it shooting out onto the field with lights shooting through for the players intro. Back in the day when I was a kid the Maple Leafs had these fireworks called line rockets shooting from the ceiling of the ACC every time the Leafs scored a goal. Do you know how hype that was when they shot off with the siren... It was so hype!

    Get a guy on a horse dressed like a Bandit with a Bandits flag. I saw that on your promo video.

    Forget this EDM music it mellows people out... You need music that pumps fans up and makes them feel like they are in the game.

    You can have all the flash and entertainment in the world but it comes down to fan entertainment... Most fans in Buffalo want to see fights and there is none of that going on lately. When Brandon Francis played it was so exciting he would do cheap shots start trouble and the fans were right into it. Get a tougher team next year have at least 4 guys who can brawl every game.

    There should be a lot of fighting and cheap shots so when certain teams come in you know fights are going down and are motivated to go to the game.
    Rig it if you have to... Give the fans some entertainment. Let the goalies fight... Coaches should be trying to fight each other. Cause chaos.

    Buffalo Bandits if you get a team of fighters and **** disturbers your building will go back to the way it used to be. The best game I ever saw was on Valentines Day in 2009. I think the entire team fought that game... The last few games I have been too have mellowed out. Bring back shoots and ladders and bring back some fighters.
    Instead of doing a video asking the players what movie they like... Copy the WWE get a guy in a tuxedo interview a player on which player he wants to lay a beating too. Make it exciting... Who gives a **** what movie they like Lol.

    Honour some troops make them wear uniforms... Start a USA chant. There is nothing better than hearing a stadium chant USA! USA!.

    You know what is a good atmospheric... Haze... Fill the building with some haze all game... Make it a bit cloudy. Especially with the lights you have shooting around it would look cool if you got to see the beam of the light... Haze the building up all game.

    Get McDonalds to send Hamburglar to do some promos at games.
    Get some bad ass TV and Youtube, Facebook commercials! Bad ass commercials. Hype commercials.
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    While I don’t agree with some of your suggestions, I’m glad you’re seeing what most Bandits fans are seeing. The atmosphere at games has deteriorated in recent years. I’ll say it again, whoever is responsible for the game day presentation needs to go. Bandits’ games used to be electric. They used to blow Sabres’ games out of the water. Now, I feel like I’m at a friggin Sabres game.
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  7. AmericanRockFan

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    Didn't the Bandits used to have a guy on a horse at one point? I feel like I've seen it at some point.
  8. Komarem

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    If memory serves, prior to the '08 championship game?
  9. BanditsRock11

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    Part of it has been the poor play at home and overall. Winning brings back the people and the energy in the building.
  10. JTavares4E

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    Last night was definitely better then the opener... The music overall was better. But I agree on the intro, it's now just bad, and it was a big part of the home field advantage. Little things like that made us Banditland, and they seem to keep phasing everything out. Anyone remember the Orange lights inside the glass that went off when we scored back in 08? Or like someone mentioned earlier, the light on the goalie we scored on.. BRING BACK WHAT WORKED! Even the store, which now has some much nicer updated stuff, lacks compared to other markets. Rochester and Toronto have a TON of merchandise and brands to choose from, player shirts, jackets, you name it. We hardly have any jerseys available for purchase. I tried ordering a retro Crawford jersey and was originally told 3 weeks, then was later called and said they couldn't fill the order with the retro.. So no jersey, and no sale.. We're slipping!

    I refuse to let that sabres game atmosphere take over.. That is flat out embarrassing. Sabres need to fix alot of things, hell dump the season ticket list and start over with a ticket special, nobody's going anyway, bring some real fans in.
  11. chuckster

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    I don't think the intro video is very good this year. It does nothing to get the crowd going for the player intros.

    And with the exception of Steenhuis, Dhane Smith and Priolo, the rest of the team is so relatively new that fans are still trying to figure out who they like when the players are introduced so there's a lot of "meh" when the names are announced.
  12. mtbf

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    Last nights first quarter with all the delays and reviews was unwatchable 47 minutes for the 1st period only 80 minutes for the rest of the game. The NLL needs to get its **** together. Because the product on the floor is far bigger than the opening video when it comes to dropping attendance.
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  13. k-hawksfan33

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    I'm on board for almost all of this #MakeTheNLLWeirdAgain
  14. chuckster

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    3 coach challenges will do that. I have no idea what Troy saw on that first one 30 seconds into the game.
  15. tydoggz

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    Having Social Media night doesn’t help.....let’s encourage everyone to be on their phones.....when the lights went out for intro you could see all the phones lit....yes need something more in my intro to get people ready to watch...then on field product so do the rest....
  16. tydoggz

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    First goal Calgary player far side foot was near crease.....
  17. mtbf

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    Yeah we all saw that 45 times from 12 angels 10 of which had no view of the foot or the ball.
    The player was a more than a stride outside of the crease when the ball crossed plus it was 30 seconds into the game so who cares even if he was in the crease.
  18. MILLwasbetter

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    @ banditsrock11 you cant blame the team not winning. they were 15-3 two years ago. As stated above, whoever is running the presentation needs to get let go. When you have something that works, that people love, and you get rid of it for a cookie cutter crap presentation, this is what happens. Buffalo had an identity, they changed it for whatever reason, and this new garbage doesn't get anyone fired up, sabres or bandits games.
  19. MILLwasbetter

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    I am a hot little potato when it comes to bonehead moves that make absolutely no sense. C'mon Scott, give the people what they want. On field production is out of your hands, you can't control the game, but something like this is a no brainer. You have direct feedback from the fans asking for something that you very well can produce and positively change the atmosphere and fan's satisfaction.
  20. Komarem

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    And it’s not just the small sample size on this forum. Ask anyone. The present game day presentation sucks. First step to fixing it, BRING BACK SHOOTS and Ladders!!!!!
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