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    I would bet just about anything the causal fan and random fan cares about winning more than the intro and what they do between media timeouts. Lots of people aren’t even in their seat until right before faceoff.

    When the team is winning and catches a head of steam and buzz from the wins, deep playoff runs, that’s when the crowds keep showing up.

    I mean this franchise has 4 losing season in the last 6...that’s most def a factor. People don’t care as much when the bandits are “down”. Once they string a few good seasons together with some deep runs, they’ll come back. Everyone loves a winner. Not some stupid intro song that a few people on here are obsessed with.
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    Off-topic, but I'm still mad Rusty Kruger didn't play in last year's alumni game as advertised.
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    Bingo. If people don't like the intro song and are THAT continually obsessive about it, maybe they should stay home and listen to the one they like on an infinite loop to get their rocks off on it. Because it's obvious they don't care about what's going on during the game on the floor if all they talk about is the intro song.
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  4. AmericanRockFan

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    They could also just bring an iPod and headphones to the arena and listen to the song during the intro....
  5. Komarem

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    I disagree. Yes, winning seasons will help, but minor league sports is more about entertainment value than wins and losses. To the die hard fans (like me), it’s about the product on the field. But, I’m not naive enough to think that it’s not different for casuals and randoms. When they go home, they could really care less who won or lost. They want to be entertained, and the appeal to say many with the Bandits experience is, in fact, all the bells and whistles, whether or not the hardcore lacrosse honks want to admit it or not.
  6. chuckster

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    An iPod? How quaint. :p
  7. Komarem

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    I went to a Chicago Bulls game as a kid in the early 90s. I don’t remember who won or lost the game, but I remember being blown away when the lights went off and the starting lineup was announced. Similarly, I remember few details of my first Norte Dame football home game, but I clearly remember how exciting it was when the Irish come out of the tunnel the first time with the fight song playing. Point is, those types of things do excite people and make them want to come back.
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  9. Komarem

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  10. RockStar

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    He could have played Rock or Bandits.....or, a handful of others.

    One of my favourite suitcase utility lefthanded forwards.
  11. tydoggz

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    It’s truly about both....the entertainment as well as on field product. If you have a crappy team but good production fans will dwindle. Good team but lousy production and again it will dwindle. There are hardcor lacrosse fans there that are there to watch a good lacrosse game and others there to be entertained. You get them all when you have both. Problem is the entertainment/production part has been getting worse and worse over the years and the team has been inconsistent. Both needs to improve. Production is an easy fix and should be looked at. Other issue though is the direction of the league has changed. The hard nosed game is gone. That game corresponded with the “shoots and ladders” type style.

    The Bandits need to rebrand their identity on and off the floor to suit the new league direction without losing your loyal fan base. This is a league issue not just Bandits issue and one that needs to be figured out sooner than later before you lose the loyal base.
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    @BanditsRock11 Again, they were in the finals a season ago and almost unbeaten at home. This is where I disagree about your point about needing to win. Winning is obviously a factor, but I wouldn't say it is with this team in this given situation. Games are genuinely just not as fun to go to for multiple reasons. Sloppy presentation and a preteen atmosphere are partly to blame for this. The product on the floor is a separate issue and not what is being argued.
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    I would also bet you anything that other than product on the floor/ice, the one thing sabres and bandit fans would complain about is the lack of in game atmosphere and how bandit games are now as dead as sabres games.
  14. MILLwasbetter

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    I've been attending games for more than 20 years now. I know and care about what is going on on the floor, this thread however, is not about what is going on on the floor. Is it? It is literally titled, "atmosphere". Seems like a good place to critique the atmosphere and presentation, wouldn't you say so? Now if I want to complain about coaching, goaltending, scoring, ball movement, or anything that you get your rocks off chatting about, then I would gladly do that in the appropriate thread. But for those who want to critique how the team presents itself to the fans, something you obviously don't care about, then this is the place to do so, and maybe not the place for you. Have a blessed day chuck! Warm regards! ;)
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    I'd like to complain that the burrito stand in the 100 level doesn't have "crazy corn" to put on the burritos anymore apparently. So if someone can fix that as well, as it would add to my personal atmosphere if they could bring crazy corn back as a burrito condiment, that would be swell :cool:
  16. chuckster

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    OK, let's stick to what is going on off the floor -- this whole Shoots and Ladders (or whatever it's called) discussion has been going on for YEARS and it's getting really, really old. That one song is not the reason for whatever the atmosphere problems are and bringing it back will not fix whatever the problems are. The 5 people that obsess over it just need to deal with it not being there and move is too short.

    So, is that better that I stuck to the topic?? YOU have a "blessed" day! ;)
  17. MILLwasbetter

    MILLwasbetter Well-Known Member

    haha much better. cheers.
  18. k-hawksfan33

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    Winning won't bring back the atmosphere. It didn't bring it back in Rochester during the 2012-2014 era (granted we weren't that good in the regular season). It's all about the vibe, and unfortunately the league seems to want to move towards family friendly still. It's why (outside of Sask) the atmosphere seems to be suffering at every arena. I would love to see a massive turnaround, and I think it could be good for the league. Bring back the mascot halftime lap dance competitions, trampoline strippers, and every other f*cked up thing this league has ever done. I don't care as long as it goes back to the party atmosphere. It's what made the league unique.
  19. Gio

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    Winning will not bring back fans... Fans want entertainment off field and on field... I am telling you lack of fighting and players like Brandon Francis is why people are staying home.
    I come to almost every Bandits game from Toronto but Buffalo games are starting to remind me of Rock games and if that will continue why am I going to drive to Buffalo for the unique atmosphere that was... I might as well just go to Rock games.

    The NHL doesn't have fighting or hitting hardly and it is so boring to watch from when I was a kid in the 90s... It is almost unwatchable this year.
    This is where the NLL should step it up... Fighting in the NLL has to come back and fast. Not just fighting but drama, chaos and cheap shots, BIG HITS! Goalie hits. What's it take to punch someone in the helmet with your glove and start chaos...

    How come I can find a Detroit Turbos commercial and not a Buffalo Bandits commercial anywhere? You guys have the best announcer you can make an amazing commercial for Bandits...
  20. Mr Boo

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    Please stop talking like these are facts. These are your opinions. There are many people who want more fighting, but there are also many people who aren't interested in it.

    If you want to watch fighting, there are lots of options for you - boxing, wrestling, MMA, etc. If you want to watch drama, chaos, and cheap shots, maybe you should stick to reality TV. Personally, I think the quality of lacrosse is as high as it's ever been and I have no interest in watching any of that other crap.
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