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Discussion in 'Arizona Sting Forum' started by Jarzombek, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Jarzombek

    Jarzombek New Member

    Received a call the other day to offer me the AZ Sting carpet from the arena (free). Now, I thought the Coyotes still had the AZ Sting franchise rights, don't they? If so, wouldn't the carpet be part of the assets?

    IDK, just though you guys should know.
  2. silvanthalas

    silvanthalas Active Member

    I would guess that franchise rights are just that: rights to the franchise. I doubt there's anything to force owners to hang on to assets.

    The Jax rug might be up on eBay before long too.
  3. Take it, it's easily worth $30,000...
  4. Jarzombek

    Jarzombek New Member

    I offered it to Castle Sports Club in Phoenix, our home for box lacrosse. The Sting practiced there in 2005. So, hopefully it will go to a good home rather than the dump.
  5. Jarzombek

    Jarzombek New Member

    Whoa . . .this just in . . .carpet on hold.

    The Coyotes have an offer for the Sting franchise so they must hold on to the carpet. I don't know if it is part of the bankruptcy deal for the Coyotes, which I assume, or a separate deal entirely.

    I was suspect from the first call. It is odd at best to sell or give away assets during sale negotiation or bankruptcy with the city so deeply involved.

    These guys are not content to go down as a very poorly run organization (Coyotes), nope, they are swinging for the fences . . .
  6. AZStingFan

    AZStingFan New Member

    Where did you hear there was an offer? Nothing I can find in the news.
  7. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    That'd be interesting.... Let's hope and pray for an Arizona Sting 2.0!
  8. silvanthalas

    silvanthalas Active Member

    I'm not sure this is the way to interpret this, but it might be accurate in the end. Since Moyes owned the Sting, it may be possible that whomever buys the Coyotes also buys the franchise rights to the Sting.
  9. AZStingFan

    AZStingFan New Member

    Yes it would be part of the teams assets and the disposition of it would be subject to the bankruptcy court. It is highly unlikely they would have been allowed to give it away free.
  10. JTavares4E

    JTavares4E Active Member

    would be cool to have though. Lets hope thats some good news for Arizona...

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