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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by LaxBandit, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. LaxBandit

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    Unfortunately due to other plans the next two weekends, I have my two season tickets available for the next two Buffalo Bandits home games on Saturday, January 6 and Saturday, January 13. My seats are in the last row of Section 119 which is on the penalty box side near the net where the Bandits shoot second and fourth quarters.

    I'm just looking for the cost of what I paid for them as a season-ticket holder which is $24 apiece and is a savings of $7 each of the regular single-game price of $31 each. If interested - feel free to "email here" or tweet me at @laxbanditsabre - no regular email there - I'm currently unable to send out emails. If we get the deal done by the Monday/Tuesday or so of game week - I'll send the hardcopy tickets via regular mail. Otherwise I'll have to send them via email. (If thats the case, I'll still send the hardcopy tickets to you.)

    Thanks for reading - Go Bandits!

    PS: Feel free to use this thread if you have tickets that you want to sell. Also feel free to use this thread to post any ticket deals that are out there that concern the Bandits. Example - the ticket offers for the away games at Rochester and Toronto could have been posted in here - thats if this thread was made before those threads were posted - sigh.
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  2. LaxBandit

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    Update - My season tickets are available for the following Bandit home games.
    Saturday, February 24 - vs Rochester. Saturday, March 31 - vs New England. Saturday, April 21 vs Toronto.
    See the above post for price - how to get them - etc. Go Bandits!
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    If someone wants the Toronto ones, sell them, but, if you still have them closer to game day, maybe you can hook me up.

    Ordinarily, I'd just buy them now, but, I have concerts that week and the one after, so I have to gauge exactly how close my wife is to murdering me before I fcck off for a Saturday night :D

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