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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by noatfacevalue, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. noatfacevalue

    noatfacevalue New Member

    Is it just me, or has the game presentation at the FNC been sub-par this year, especially in consideration of year's past? Having been to most of the other venues used in the NLL, Buffalo always seemed to have to most professional game presentation in the league. It always seemed that the music, visuals and other effects really helped promote the atmosphere in "Banditland." This year, however, things seems to be off...

    Things I have noticed:
    - Now instead of having music that corrsponds with the play, songs seem to just play through.
    - No drum beat for the Defense chant
    - The person running the horn seeming to be surprised when goals are scored (maybe the Sabres have something to do with this). Who every was manning it last game didn't even realize the game ended against Minnesota.
    - No "Beautiful People" after the B-O-X chant.
    - I am sure there are others, but I cannot remember them at this time.

    Now maybe all of these were purposeful changes and I am the only one that has even noticed this. Who know. I just thought the game presnetation in year's past really added another level of enjoyment at Bandits games and this year I feel it is truly lacking.
  2. gameworn

    gameworn New Member

    I agree 100%. The bag piper is on point, but from there the the whole opening sequence goes down the drain. Their music choice during the whole opening montage/intros is depressing, not inspiring. And ya, what is up with the whole "defense" thing this year? In general, the whole game day presentation has regressed and I think that his been reflected in the lack of energy in the crowd this year.
  3. gameworn

    gameworn New Member

    Also, last home game, there was no music during the victory lap after the game. Then, amazingly, when the lap was over, "praise you like I should" started playing. The home games have been littered with constant little presentation missteps like that.
  4. jetman

    jetman Active Member

    I thought I was the only one who thought that the presentation is a little off this year. I see I'm not alone. Maybe someone new in the organization has the presentation assignment. It's definitely not as good as in the past. At the very least, bring back the drum beat for the "Defense" chant. The crowd seems lost without it.
  5. noatfacevalue

    noatfacevalue New Member

    Maybe someone from the organization will see seems like maybe in intern is doing it. It has lost the professional feel it has had in the past.
  6. jjc1733

    jjc1733 Member

    Agree with these comments 100%, it just feels off. Scott, I know your in charge of Lacrosse Operations, not game presentation, but maybe you could pass this on to whom ever it's needs to be passed on to?
  7. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    It usually takes them a couple of games to get the music and everything right with game presentation, and they've only have had 2 home games (3 weeks apart). I'd cut them some slack.....for now.

    One thing they have gotten "right" is to (in most cases) not show the video replay right after we score a goal. But after the visitors score a goal, the video is always up on the jumbotron right away. ;) ;)
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  8. noatfacevalue

    noatfacevalue New Member

    The thing is, though, it is such a drastic difference from what they have done in the past. I do, however, agree about the video aspect.
  9. kabnt2005

    kabnt2005 Member

    No Billy Joel at 9:00PM during games anymore either!
  10. gameworn

    gameworn New Member

    Yep, I noticed that too. Again, just a lot of little things added up. People in my section have been making similar comments to those on this board. Still, it's the best game day experience in lacrosse. Just not what it was.
  11. Bolt

    Bolt Member

  12. Herbavor

    Herbavor Active Member

    Sometimes, you have to try new things. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.
    Nice to see constructive criticism
  13. BanditsRock11

    BanditsRock11 Well-Known Member

    I can't recall the music off the top of my head, but I think the intro video itself is really good this year. However, the crowd energy is no where close to the usual stuff, granted it's been two games.

    I expect a small showing tonight with the snow we are getting and the cold temps tonight into tomorrow, it'll likely keep most walk ups home I'm thinking.
  14. kabnt2005

    kabnt2005 Member

    One more thing:

    Stop messing with the bagpipes! Any time he doesn't walk out from next to 117, or they make spectacle out of it, they lose. I guaranteed the loss before the game yesterday and the people around me laughed at it.
  15. GoodsOnSabres

    GoodsOnSabres Member

    I was only at the opener this year since I'm in college at Wisconsin, but I noticed it was a little off too. I chalked it up to being the first game, as it usually isn't great then. But apparently its something that has continued and that worries me like others on this thread.

    I noticed that the player intros seemed super rushed in the first game. Has that continued to be an issue since? Being a season ticket holder for years, its weird just being able to check in now and again but when I do I'd like to have the same sort of feeling that I did growing up going to games. Everything just seems a little... off now. I don't know how to describe it. Maybe it is the fans. It feels like this isn't just in Buffalo.

    Also, I know they use it for Sabres games too, but can they get rid of those terrible spot lights! They just get in your eyes and aren't cool at all. Just annoying and frustrating. I wish the Sabres would stop them too.
  16. They did this during Sabres games as well! I think they have the same guy doing music and he should be fired. What a bum.
  17. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    I can't say I miss it. The clock doesn't matter when the game is going on the floor.
  18. mcdoleg

    mcdoleg Member

    Lack of a Theme Song when the squad hits the floor for official warmups makes the crowd yawn. The Warrior song prior to intros doesn't have a beat that rocks the crowd either. And the theme nights? Those are for cities that can't draw fans. Get rid of them. A contending team sells tickets, not gimmicks.
  19. Rock Rulz

    Rock Rulz Member

    The thing I found strange last night was...when the bag piper walks down the aisle, isn't it normal that the spot light hits him while he navigates the steps? It didn't come on until he hit the floor.

    This would definitely be a YouTube moment if he misses a step in the dark and tumbles...just saying :eek:
  20. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    Second game in a row they missed that.
    This Bandits team no longer seams to care about the details and the crack heads in charge of game presentation is just another link in the chain leading to lower attendance.

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