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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by noatfacevalue, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    Other than the words fright night on the scoreboard prior to the game I did not notice one thing that made the game "fright night" maybe the misspelled "fight night"
  2. Rock Rulz

    Rock Rulz Member

    Well they did have face painting and one guy roaming around the hallways shouting "Fright Night" (in costume I think).
    They should have had a contest at half time for the best costume....Am I making sense again :doh:
  3. I agree. They promoted it as "Fright Night" but mentioned nothing during the game basically about it. I do agree they should of had like the top 10 costumes at Hafltime and win an award or prize. They had people in the hallways putting makeup on people but other than that, nothing.
  4. lofflersd

    lofflersd Member

    Attendance is up from last year over the first five games, and that is with two Friday games this year as opposed to one last year. Fridays are always about 1500-2000 less tickets than Saturdays.
  5. jetman

    jetman Active Member

    I do think the Bandits dropped the ball a bit on making "Fright Night" an event. I'm not above gimmicks in order to boost attendance. But if you're going to make it a gimmick, go all out. The halftime costume idea mentioned above seems like a good idea. Maybe a special player intro, with creepy music as well. I'm a purist, and I wish the game would sell itself, but I know better.

    The only shame is that anyone who missed Friday night's game missed one of the best Bandit games in years.
  6. Fright Night was nowhere to be found last Friday.

    The game was one hell of a game and I was happy to be there to witness it!
  7. gameworn

    gameworn New Member

    Attendance may be up slightly from last year, but the overall trend is that it is dwindling significantly from where it was several years ago. As a long time season ticket holder, this worries me. Part of it is the lack of winning, but the other part has been the abysmal game day presentation (it was aweful the first few games this year).
  8. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    Way to avoid the topic and cherry pick your stats This is a team that use to draw up to 19,000 and average over 15,000 but ownership has sat back and done nothing to try and keep or increase season ticket sales. Coaching staff has been the same basic group of guys since 2003 they have one one title in those 12 years and have only been to the championship three times. The game day presentation for the last 10 years has gotten stale and now it has moved to sloppy. So the team is not winning much and not entertaining much what is the plan to improve the product on and off the floor.
  9. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    I know I'm in the minority on this but I could care less as to the game day presentation and the entertainment around it. I want the product on the floor to be better. Period.

    Bagpipes, no bagpipes, spotlights working, not working, Billy Joel at 9 PM, no Billy Joel at 9 PM......I really don't care. Just put a good team on the floor at a reasonable ticket price and for me, it's all good.

    The best is when the play is so good on the floor that the crowd gets so loud that the music stops and Sweenie shuts up for 10 minutes. Like the end of the last Toronto game. I want more of that.
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  10. gameworn

    gameworn New Member

    My biggest concern is also the product on the floor, but if you're trying to hook in New fans, it's all about the show. Over the years, whenever I've brought a first timer to a game, what I'd hear about is how exciting the atmosphere was. This is what brings people back more than anything. It's two-fold. Winning creates part of that great atmosphere, but so does the presentation. From the perspective of most Bandit fans, that presentation is much weaker now than several years ago.
  11. Rick716

    Rick716 Active Member

    How about less Sweenie and less music? I'm interested in the game. The reason I gave up my season tickets years ago was due to the non-stop music at high volume combined with an announcer screaming over the game. You can't even say anything to the person next to you.

    I'll always love the game and the Bandits, but the non-stop music is just too much for me. The main complaint I've heard from people who have gone to games is that the music is too loud/too much and "why is that guy yelling over the game?"

    I'm sure the Bandits want to present a product that draws the most people. Winning of course will always help. I always check the seating chart every week, hoping to see them sell as many tickets as possible. For me, though, I'm done going to games because of all the extraneous "entertainment". If others like it, great. I hope they sell out every game. But, it's just too much for me.
  12. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    So then you do care ;)
  13. lofflersd

    lofflersd Member

    Cherry pick? Explain what you mean if you could.

    Attendance is down across the board in the league as a whole. Has decreased the last two years and five out of the last six. This isn't a problem unique to just the Bandits.

    We changed our price structure in hopes that we could make it more affordable to those who couldn't afford seasons in the past. So to say we have done nothing is a little off base. Our prices increase 3%-5% each year, while our expenses increase at around 15% per year. Which means, the organization is eating the 10%-12% in extra costs each season, not the fans.

    One person from the 2003 staff is here and he left for six years before returning last year.

    We are working to obtain younger players through the draft, trades, etc. But when you are left with a depleted draft pick pool, its going to take Steve time to build that back up. We could trade our current group of young players for more draft picks, but that will just delay the process.

    I'd be happy to sit down with you or speak over the phone to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and id be happy to hear any ideas you have about how to make this team and experience better for the fans.
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  14. gameworn

    gameworn New Member

    A lot of diehards were turned off by a lack of moves this off-season. As a result the feeling is that they will once again be mediocre. Fair or not, many fans feel entitled to being a perennial powerhouse based on the way they support the team.

    The game day presentation has gotten weaker. No need to list the reasons, just read through the thread.

    There's nowhere I'd rather be than Banditland. I went to the first ever game, and have been going ever since. I am worried about the change in atmosphere and dropping attendence.
  15. lax2012

    lax2012 New Member

    You sir just hit the nail right on the head.............
  16. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    It was better tonight.
  17. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    As an organization development consultant, I'm really thinking about phoning Scott to add some cool things to my resume...
  18. gameworn

    gameworn New Member

    Agreed. A lot of the little things that were "off" at the beginning are now fixed. Example, finally the"Praise you Like I Should" song is in sync with the victory lap!
  19. SabreBandit

    SabreBandit Member

    SO, after attending my first bandits game at FNC since I moved to jersey almost 3 years ago, I thought the game presentation was horrible since I could last recall. Those who said that things are better, I'll take your word for it, but there's so many things that still need to be improved.
  20. lax2012

    lax2012 New Member

    If you do tell him to fire the "genius" who thought having the "mad minute segment" while the other team possesses the ball is a good time to run the segment (which has happened multiple times). All the opponent needs to do is grab one loose ball and the mad minute is over. You can also ask him in the Blackjack segment why there are only like 9 or so cards on the table and why they don't offer the player a deck cut. It seems so painfully obvious the deck is loaded........

    Its little things like this that drive me nuts. This organization has literally ZERO attention to detail........

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