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    Lol, last week the mad minute occurred with Toronto on a two man advantage. In their defense, I'm sure every thing they do during each break is all scripted prior to the game, but it does always seem like the other team has the ball when mad minute starts.
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    You are correct, everything is set ahead of time. We can't predict game situation then change on the fly as every minute is preplanned to make sure we fulfill all of our sponsor requirements.
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    For the sake of timing, we can't be like an exact casino. It's all for fun and to get our sponsors their time fulfillment.
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    While I cannot mention exact names for sake of tampering rules, I can assure you were in on all conversations with a few free agents and the biggest names to switch teams via trades this offseason. However, all deals need to make sense for both parties. We are still in the process of reacquiring assets in hopes that we can make trades that will get us the top talent in the league. But we are bare right now in that area and it will take some time. But I can assure we made every effort to make moves this offseason. In all honestly, one team refused to return our calls/texts regarding one player. All I ask is that you trust us in that we are trying to make this team better each and every day. Sometimes things are out of our control.
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    And thanks for the answers Scott! We know you guys are trying you hardest to get a championship and we appreciate it!
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    Scott, thank you for the replies. It's good to know we were actively pursuing some big moves. I can't wait until we're putting another banner in the rafters!
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    Talking to some folks at the game Saturday, the plan for this year was to make the game presentation "Younger, Hipper and more like a party." Then this thread started. People in the organization realized fans weren't happy. (Scott probably made them aware of it. And if so, Thank you, again, Scott, for all you do to make this team work.) Swennie was, apparently, also unhappy. So the music change this week was "Swennie's Playlist", Chris picked most of the songs. The spotlight was properly aimed :doh: and things went better. I especially liked the spotlight on the visitors goallie after a Bandits goal.
    So, the bottom line here is the fans weren't happy and the organizations responded. That's AWESOME! Thank you, Scott, Swennie and anyone else involved.
    Now if only "9:00 on a Saturday" could come back as a tribute to the fans...........;)
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    Could you elaborate on what expenses, other then salaries, increase at such a high rate?
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    Travel is the biggest thing. Airlines are at an all time high with regards to capacity so now they can charge what they want. When demand goes up, so do price. Gas prices are always on the rise, so buses along with airlines keep raising prices.

    The other thing is workers comp/injuries/medical. Guys are bigger and stronger in today's game so the hits in our game do much more damage to the person receiving the hit, especially ones to the head. And knees don't seem to last as long anymore, especially with guys playing year round.

    Lastly, we go through much more equipment than we used to. Again, this is due to the fact that guys are stronger and therefore shafts, helmets, pads, etc break at a much higher rate than in years past.
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    Here is a great article written a year or two ago by Marty O'Neill where he describes some of the issues related to insuring players/team from when he was the GM of the Swarm. He sheds some light on issues that most fans don't realize that a team has to deal with.
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    From the Article, California and Oregon insurance are notoriously bad. Seeing as the article is a couple years old, notice that there are no longer teams in both states? Marty made great points. We have seen several teams move to smaller venues to control cost.
    Be happy Bandit fans, the organization has done a fantastic job in keeping ticket costs low, and great value for your sports $.
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    Just bring back Shoots and Ladders.

    I think the drum beat for the Defense chant is back, and I thought they played Beautiful People after the B-O-X chant but I could be wrong.
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