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Discussion in 'Bandits Brigade Forum' started by Tavares is God, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Tavares is God

    Tavares is God Active Member

    Bandits @ Toronto
    Journey north to Toronto on February 3rd and April 14th to support the Buffalo Bandits as they face division rivals, the Toronto Rock!

    Ticket Prices (CAD)
    Lower Bowl Adult- $31.00
    Lower Bowl Youth (16 & under)- $21.00
    Upper Bowl- $16.00

    To purchase tickets, contact:
    Sarah Armour
    Toronto Rock Ticket Account Executive
    (416) 596-3075 ext. 234

    For those staying overnight, the Westin Harbour Castle has offered a fan rate in the past:
  2. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Whereabouts in the lower bowl is this deal good for? I might just take advantage of it myself...
  3. Tavares is God

    Tavares is God Active Member

    Sarah would probably be the best person to answer that. She usually responds to emails and voice mails if she doesn't answer her line. Sometimes she works in the Oakville TRAC Office, sometimes in the ACC office.
  4. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    It looks like they are just giving connected Buffalo people the the "large group"'s the same as for 50+ ticket groups.

    I'm guessing that gets you a red ticket, which is full price at $41 to $45 (plus Ticketmaster's buggering if you order online).
  5. BanditsRock11

    BanditsRock11 Well-Known Member

    I did it last year, I was like 11 rows up, just offset from behind the bandits bench. They were great seats.

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