Bandits trade Ryan Benesch to Colorado for Callum Crawford and Alex Buque

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by Torbald2895, Aug 1, 2017.

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    This move is the Buffalo Bandits at least doing something but I am not wild about the idea of Alex Buque and Dave DiRuscio being our starting goalies in 2017-18. Brandon Miller is a better option at this time and basically going with these two young goalies tells me the Bandits organization don't think we can win in 2018. PSE is punting on the Bandits season like Sean McDermott did with the 2017 Buffalo Bills season middling it with Tyrod Taylor trading 10th overall when a QB Deshaun Watson was there. Again it is PSE choice they own the teams I just don't see the Bandits committed to winning waiting on Anthony Cosmo passing on Brandon Miller who is better right now to win for the Bandits. Instead PSE goes for maybe with Alex Buque and Dave DiRuscio just like maybe with Tyrod Taylor and maybe with Robin Lehner. As a Buffalo fan aw no maybe I will renew my Bandits season tickets how is that. I will have to think long before I commit for season tickets this season.

    I turn 50 this season December 30 and at 50 years old you start looking at things differently as a Buffalo fan. I saw way too much last year that I didn't like to make a commitment yet to season tickets anymore with the Bandits who basically quit as did PSE last year and basically 5 out of 6 years of ownership with the exception being 2015 season. Your only as good as the leader of the organization that stops and starts with PSE leadership or lack of it by there actions. It isn't so much the money it is my value able time I watch all our Big 4 colleges also going to games. So if the organization PSE doesn't care why should I care anymore after 26 years with the Bandits there just is no upward direction. And giving money to a college so kids can get an education is better then just saying here PSE take my money to pad the corporate PSE bottom line for slop on the field. The best years were the first 10 years of the Bandits the rest has been mostly mediocre slop yearly with the exception of 2008. I think a few Bandits games is the way I am leaning as a Bandits fans in less I see a lot more from PSE with the Bandits going upward instead of just enough to get away with it for Bandits fans season ticket money. The Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres are already one game a year now because of the slop PSE fields each year just hard to even watch that on television for just a cable bill let alone pay to see in person that slop as a fan of 43 years of those two sorry Buffalo teams in my opinion. Let's Go Buffalo
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    To be honest, how much do you think PSE is actually even involved with the Bandits compared to the Bills and the Sabres? I don't really think you can compare the Bandits goalie situation to the Bills' quarterback situation and the Sabres' goaltending situation, or at the very least I don't think you can play the "it's because it's PSE running the ship" card here.

    Let's Go Toronto.
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    Seeing as Cosmo hasn't committed by the deadline Chugger gave him.....Chugger said that in the Buffalo News article.......Chugger had to move on and do something about the goaltending. A high price was paid by the Rush to get Kirk out of NE and I'm guessing that Buffalo wasn't willing to meet that price. While having Bold as a Bandit would have been great, we didn't have the goalie to send back. Maybe they could have flipped Buque and Benesch for Bold and another 1st rounder. I bet there was a discussion between the GMs about it.

    And if Cosmo does retire, maybe Miller is invited to camp to compete. Either way, the goaltending requires a longer range solution and getting Buque is an attempt at that solution.

    PSE doesn't interfere much with the Bandits because even being the last place team in the league, people still showed up at the gate. PSE will only get more involved when that stops happening. Besides, do you really want Russ Brandon sticking his nose into the Bandits?? I don't.
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    PSE doesn't know Alex Buque or Brandon Miller from a hole in the wall. They have nothing to do with it. Nor are they punting on the season. The Bandits are a small asset in their portfolio. Chugger, Loffler, etc. are running things roster-wise, which is actually better since that is their full-time (mostly) job.
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    Not to say Byrne won't be great but scoring on soccer nets without the fear of getting crushed by a defender in the MLL does not seem like a great predictor of NLL success. Staats on the other hand could be a game changer.
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  6. chuckster

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    Byrne has box experience out West.

    Junior --
    He played 4 games for Burnaby Senior A this year. --
    He played 4 games for New Westminster Senior A in 2014 --

    He's also a big lefty at 6'3 which is something the Bandits need but I think the Bandits take Austin Staats over Byrne if Staats is available.
  7. GoodsOnSabres

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    He has played well in the WLA as well, but I was just quoting the MLL stuff to show he has no issue jumping to playing at the highest level. I'd say he's always been thought of as more of an indoor prospect than an outdoor one.
  8. LordStanley1893

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    ^Correct, I think he was a 3rd round pick in the MLL. I happy with him or Staats. I hope Burnaby goes deep in the playoffs and we can see what Byrne can do. 16pts in 4 games this summer is pretty good.
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    Miller has resigned with Toronto. Bouquet trade makes even more sense as they knew no chance on Miller. Hopefully one of then2 young goalies step up and take number one job
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    Casting Miller as a saviour for the post Cosmo years was a longshot at best. He's still got some quality minutes in him, but, he is not going to be around for many more years......I'd take the chance with the youngster.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy he re-upped with Toronto, but, there, he's either a backup, or a Rose-has-to-clear-his-head occasional starter. If you got Miller, you'd still have wanted to get someone young who might have what it takes.
  11. AmericanRockFan

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    This. For a club like Buffalo, Miller would at best be used as someone who was there to bridge the gap for a year, maybe two, until the young up-and-comer was ready to be the full-time starter.
  12. Rick716

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    Will there be more moves before the draft? Any way to pick up another first rounder? Perhaps packaging one of our 2nd round picks with someone?
  13. Luker55

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    BDS won't be back, rumbling is they are NOT offering a contract.
    Only a matter of time before Steenhuis is gone too
  14. fandit

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    Just curious, ever seen either one play?
  15. The Wack

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    If I had to pick one or the other I would pick Staats, this could did not look out of place last year in the Mann Cup with Six Nations. At 18 he had as much talent as almost anyone on that team. Staats kinda of reminds me of Adam Jones has a great shot from that same area of the floor that is deadly. Shannahan mentioned on twitter today or last night that he asked Staats if he was entering the draft and he said he wasn't.

    Byrne is a great player though, I don't think he would be able to take over a game like Staats possible could. As well Byrne is supposedly living on the east coast why has played so little for Burnaby this summer. So that would help Buffalo out travel wise.
  16. fandit

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    Just Wondering..........anyone want to weigh in now?
    Guess not.......
  17. AmericanRockFan

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    I didn't realize that Crawford seems to only put up numbers against the Rock thus far :eek:
  18. chuckster

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    Sure. Even with Benesch still on the Bandits, he wasn't going to keep them from giving up 20 in 2 straight games.

    If the rumors are true about the revolt in the locker room, of which Benesch was allegedly one of the organizers of, and Dietrich sided with the coach, then Benesch had to go.
  19. RockStar

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    i will say that 86'ing Billy Dee without a clear succession plan does not look like the wisest move ever.
  20. BanditsRock11

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    Yeah I’d still do the trade.

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