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  1. rocklax#1

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    not picking on how you phrased things, but maybe Billings needs to patch thigns up with the ROck. Well not maybe, most definately. I dont agree with Jamie making it public with what he said, at the least save those comments "IF" he signs elsewhere, then bicker about it. but never make it public like he did before or during negotiations, no matter how much of a princess and needy Billings was/is about what he wants.

  2. BanditsSuckRock

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    why would you say billing's is the princess. I think Jamie is the princess. after all it's all his dad's money anyway so why wouldn't he pay him what he deserves
  3. BanditsSuckRock

    BanditsSuckRock New Member

    kind of reminds me of the nhl but in this case it's multi millionaire's fighting guy's that have day job's
  4. AmericanRockFan

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    Maybe this troll was onto something....
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