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Discussion in 'New England Black Wolves Forum' started by BlackWolves99, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. BlackWolves99

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    UNCASVILLE, Conn. (October 8, 2018) – The New England Black Wolves have acquired goaltender Alex Buque from the Buffalo Bandits in exchange for a first round selection in the 2021 NLL Draft. The deal is pending league approval.

    “We are excited to add someone with Alex's pedigree to the Black Wolves,” Black Wolves general manager Rich Lisk said. “This move helps us round out our goaltending not just for this season, but for our future."

    A member of the 2015 NLL All-Rookie Team, Buque has seen action in 72 games over his four year career. He has 1004 saves and a 77.2 percent save percentage. Last season, he went 6-6 with the Bandits with a career-best 515 saves.
  2. TofuBomb

    TofuBomb Guest

    The Black Wolves will never, ever have a first round pick.
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  3. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    didn't they learn from the bold trade? sounds like hill and jamieson aren't that quite ready.
  4. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Going into the season with those 2 as your goalies likely never inspired alot of confidence. Buque doesn't add much to that confidence but he has more NLL experience than Hill and Jamieson have. Giving up a 1st for Buque is a large overpay, IMO.
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  5. TofuBomb

    TofuBomb Guest

    The Black Wolves management is probably saying, "Hey, who knows if we'll even be around in 2021?"
  6. Wings-4-Life

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    Long live the Wings (2.0)
  7. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    Sure they will
    When the wings trade them Crowley
  8. unspoken

    unspoken Member

    They'll get one, maybe even two for losing Aaron Bold to Vancouver. High likelihood at this point that they trade those away too.
  9. Gravedigger

    Gravedigger Member

    How on earth is Buque a 1st round pick caliber goalie?
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  10. TofuBomb

    TofuBomb Guest

    How does that work?
  11. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    maybe end of first round in a 16 team league....but, yes, your point is well made
  12. AmericanRockFan

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    Remember when people bitched about Nick Rose getting dealt for a 1st round draft pick?
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  13. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    The Wolves way overpaid. The Bandits essentially got him from the Mammoth for a 4th rounder.
  14. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Bandits used the Gary Vee eBay flip challenge, eh?
  15. unspoken

    unspoken Member

    A team gets compensatory draft picks when a UFA who was on their team signs elsewhere. There's some kind of secret formula the league uses to calculate it exactly. If you look at the draft this year, Calgary had two compensatory draft picks at the end of the 1st round. One for losing Mike Poulin to Georgia two years ago, and one for losing Jeff Shattler to Saskatchewan last year. In the case of Poulin, this was the second pick they got. They also got a 1st rounder in the 2017 draft as well.

    Another example was Georgia getting a 1st rounder in two consecutive years when Callum Crawford signed with Colorado. I'd expect the Black Wolves to get about the same for Bold.
  16. TofuBomb

    TofuBomb Guest

    Gotcha. Thanks
  17. liveone

    liveone Active Member

    I'm guessing because he's a goalie that can start now and not in 2 - 3 years.

    Before anyone jumps on this, please note said "can start" I didn't say "can be a top starter." Although if/when we get to 16+ teams Buque probably still won;t be a top-tier goalie but definitely a high 2nd tier.
  18. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    With expansion he will soon be in the the Top Ten goalies in the league.............;)
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