blazer wins award

Discussion in 'Boston Blazers Forum' started by LAX5, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. LAX5

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    I see that one of our very own boston blazers ...Ryan Dilks...was selected as the Outstanding Defensive Player of the year...for the Ontario Junior A Lacrosse League...he has also been nominted for the IL INDOOR NATIONAL JUNIOR OF THE YEAR defender of the year award for all of Canada..not to shabby for the young Blazer, good luck and cant wait for the NLL season to start....GO BLAZERS
  2. ozzgift

    ozzgift New Member

    congrats to dilks. also i go to catch my first junior A and senior league game last week and for anyone who is a fan of indoor lacrosse it is WELL worth the trip next summer to catch a bunch of games.
  3. LAX5

    LAX5 New Member

    blazer wins another

    an update on Dilks, he was just named Indoor Lacrosse Defender of the Year for Canada and named to the first Canadian Team...well done...
  4. BlazerCannon8

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    Those are some great accomplishments for Dilks. Not bad for a guy no one had heard of when Sawyer brought him in last season. He played very well and is only looking to get better it would seem.

    Putting Dilks in a bigger role at D with Rubisch, Belisle, Reid, Kirk, and a returning John Orsen should make the Blazers defense a very stingy one in 2012.
  5. Wingslax33

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    Awesome for Dilks. Blazers should have a brick wall defense this coming year if he keeps playing like that this coming winter. And if they get they get their offense working more those three main guys will do some major damage.
  6. dougm

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    if only their goalie was as good as their defense
  7. RockStar

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    I like that Toronto's scouting built such a deep team that they were able to let a guy like Dilks go for nothing!

    Seriously wishing there was room for him.

    If they hadn't wasted resources going after Ross there maybe would have been, but you had to go after someone for "revenge" after the Dawson deal fell through. :eek:
  8. JCJarhead

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    Blazer defense

    I like our defense too...but as much as I hate to say it...we need to look at the goalie position and ensure we are set back there. Last season was simply atrocious at times. We dont have another year to waste with all the talent we have at or never.

    Get it right front office!
  9. Bretmac

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    cosmo played excpetional all post season,if he continues to play at this level, it will be an exciting season as a blazer fan
  10. BlazerCannon8

    BlazerCannon8 New Member

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