Blockbuster Trade

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by Meathead25, Jul 27, 2004.


    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    how about doyle and veltman to the roughnecks

    we'll take em

    come west my friends

    it's great out here in the land of the roughneck

  2. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    ypu gonna include the sting in this deal as cory was shipped out last winter.
  3. DW_23

    DW_23 New Member

    The Rock gave up way to much i also think the stealth won this trade.I am wondering whats going to happen next in Rock land in the coming weeks.:cool: Hey Barks i love the idea of Bringing Veltman and doyle to the Necks.:D
  4. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    edit to add - Oops, Doug beat me to it.


    Minor Technicality:

    Bomberry no longer belongs to the Hawks.

    Also, incredible talent aside, until Grant gets that championship monkey off his back, I don't want him playing for any team I support!
  5. AP

    AP New Member

    Championship monkey?

    I thought we took care of that at the WILCs, when he was the best player on the floor for avery stacked team?

    BARKS DAWG Active Member


    glad you like my idea

    i would love to see jimmy v in a necks jersey

    but i don't think b-mac would give up # 32
  7. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Oops, should have included Bruce Codd and Cam Bomberry as well for Matt Shearer and 2 2nd round picks...from Arizona...
  8. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    They can Ro-Sham-Bo for it...Veltman goes first. :D
  9. DW_23

    DW_23 New Member

    Hey Meat, I love it

    The Ro-Sham-Bo to see who wears #32 for the Calgary RoughNecks

    Round One


    Round Two


    Round Three

    We wait and see

    :cool: :D
  10. Rock Ink

    Rock Ink New Member

    Hey Barks, don't make me move out there!! Although the thought is already there.

    OMG, the Toronto fan also likes Buffalo and Calgary! Must be fair weather too. Not to mention the fact that I don't have season tickets for any NLL team!

    Inky da stickin' up for da Meathead
  11. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Thanks Inky, much appreciated! :D
  12. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Re: Championship monkey?

    I'm choosing not to count the WILC.

    There was only one game involving Canada where the outcome was in doubt for more than the first 10 minutes.

    Edit to add:


    That's exactly why only one team was able to test Canada. And even that team only tested them once in two games.

    Damn shame, because in recent times, USA's best are 1-0 against one version of Canada's best.
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  13. laxchick

    laxchick New Member

    Also because of MLL, the US did not have the best contingent of players on the floor for the World's.
  14. KhawkCruisin

    KhawkCruisin Moderator

    Laxchick, you know I love ya, but you are very wrong in this case. Meathead has been a season ticket holder for the Rock for a long time. He is one of the most die hard fans that I know, with the exceptions of a few fanatics. Just because somebody doesn't agree with the teams decisions, and verbalizes does not make them a fair weather fan.

    Personally, I do cheer for Anaheim, because of one player.....I also know, like Inky, many people who cheer for other teams during the season. I didn't renew my Rattlers season tickets this year, but I may next year, does that make me a Fair Weather Fan? I don't think so. I still go to the games. No, Meathead, and a lot of other people on this board, myself included, love their teams, to a fault sometimes. I have been told on many occassions that when I defend the Knighthawks actions, etc...that I am too....harsh, to keep it G rated. But I would say that because of passion for our teams, we feel so strongly about our opinions. If that makes sense, it does to me.......
  15. Laxdude

    Laxdude New Member

    Re: Damn it, damn it, damn it...

    So who is going to be the feeder for the three R's?
  16. Niagra Ned

    Niagra Ned Member

    lets get back to the trade. Shooter is the key to the deal. How good is Shooter?
    I see Cosmos holding out, or at least that is the word on the streeet.
    Flip isn't as good as Gibson, and it's well known that Terry doesn't care for Gibson.
    Kruegar is a wreck physically, so if he can repair his body he may be the player he once was but that is a big question.
    I feel the biggest key to the deal.
    If Rusty has comback numbers this deal works for both teams as I see another deal happening between these two later involving a goalie.
    Just getting more and more interesting isn't it.
    Now what about Watson and Laddy going to Anaheim for big $$$$ with Keenan?
  17. Mr Boo

    Mr Boo Well-Known Member

    One of whom you're married to. :D
    This is true, but the team made one trade that he didn't agree with, and he dropped his season tickets. On another thread he said he "just didn't feel like it anymore". Does that sound like something a "die hard fan" would say?

    I've only met Meathead once, at a PGP in Rochester for a few minutes, so I can't say I really know the guy. But from what he's written on this board, I would never have thought of him as a fair-weather fan either. But to hear that he cancelled his tickets really surprised me. To hear that he "just didn't feel like it anymore" really surprised me. If it's a financial thing, fine, I totally understand that, but that's not the reason he gave. This is a guy who, I believe, once had season tickets for both the Rock and the Bandits, AND went to Rochester to see games there, AND went to lots of OLA games, AND is on the board for a junior A team in Mississauga. The dude loves lacrosse, no question. So what does it say when a guy like that "doesn't feel like" going to Rock games anymore?

    The impression I got was that Meathead didn't like the trade, and thinks that the Rock can't contend with the team the way it is. And if they can't contend, then he's not interested in going to the games. Isn't that the very definition of a fair-weather fan?

    I don't much like the trade either, but it never occurred to me to not go to the games. Even if the Rock go 4-12 next year, I will still be renewing my season tickets for 2006.
  18. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Most people seem to think Toronto was fleeced. For me the jury's still out. Toronto's offense is now improved, while the defense is exactly where it was last year (needing a bit of help). Two holes were added - backup goaltending and transition, but the more I think about it, the more I believe they can be managed.

    I think the transition hole is going to be fairly easy to fill. There are lots of fast players who can shoot as good or better than Toll. The biggest thing Toronto loses with Toll is his seemingly uncanny ability to intercept passes.

    The goaltending one is going to be tough, but I've got this funny feeling that with two years of CBA strife, that there are a pile of solid, contract-less goaltenders out there. I'm sure Terry would not have traded a top notch backup without knowing where he could get another top notch backup.

    I'll see what the finished product looks like, and how well they can compete in the NLL before I say anything bad about this trade.

    One thing that's bugging me is the Cosmo hold-out rumours. I'm not sure why SJ would agree to this deal if they didn't have confirmation from Cosmo that he would go west. Take Cosmo out of the equation, and I honestly think the Rock fleeced SJ.

    So, What if my second favourite goalie decides not to go to SJ and sits out a year? Is he then allowed to come back to Toronto the year after?
  19. Mr. Poopyhead

    Mr. Poopyhead New Member

    "Word on the street", interesting. In your case, would that be "Sesame Street"?:rotfl: :rotfl:
  20. Purplenurple

    Purplenurple New Member

    Toros00, you forgot one thing, Cosmo is junk also. The Rock just lightened their load of trash that is all.

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