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Discussion in 'Boston Blazers Forum' started by ozzgift, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. ozzgift

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  2. Wings-4-Life

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    When (if) this team ever plays, how does that affect the return of the Blazers? This isn't exactly a major sports where a city can support two teams.
  3. ozzgift

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    i would guess if the new NALL team plays in the greater boston area the blazers will have to move to either hartford,ct providence,Ri or manchester,Nh if they do intend to have a come back in 2013.
  4. R.I.C.H.

    R.I.C.H. New Member

    I wanna name the team and do the logo! :D
  5. Fatoldgoalie

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    Go to TeamWorks in Revere on Tuesday nights at 8 and 9 p.m. for the Boston Box Lacrosse League. It's pretty good box, and it's free to watch. Same place the Blazers used to practice. Some former NLL players (including some Blazers), a lot of Vermont Voyageurs guys, a lot of NALL draft picks, and the guys who will own the new NALL franchise will probably get a bunch of their players with local ties out of the league.
  6. Fatoldgoalie

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    The new NALL team is planning to play its games at Tsongas Arena in Lowell, from what I hear. As for the Blazers, they said they would make an announcement in February or early March, because that is how long it would take to have everything in place to have a season in 2013. If they come back, that might change things for the guys running the NALL depending on where they go ... if it's Boston or Worcester or to Tsongas themselves. If they go to Hartford, the NALL guys probably wouldn't worry about it.

    But I don't think they're coming back, so we should all start hoping the NALL is a success and that it brings a team back to the area.
  7. R.I.C.H.

    R.I.C.H. New Member

    Whether we get two teams or just one (from either league), I'll still be happy we'll have box here. One team's better than no teams at all. It's too bad we have to wait till next year before it all begins.
  8. R.I.C.H.

    R.I.C.H. New Member

    I was just at the Tsongas Center in Lowell yesterday to ask about a possible lacrosse team coming to their arena. The lady at the box office told me that there has been talk about it, but wasn't entirely sure if their will be one. When I heard "There's been talk about it", I had a feeling it's possible we'll have a team there. I'm not saying it'll happen 100%, but rather it's possible. I'm keeping my eyes open. :cool:
  9. JCJarhead

    JCJarhead New Member

    Lowell please!

    I hope it is Lowell for selfish reasons...they are closer to me...

    I think Hartford and Providence would be dumb moves for either team? Cant imagine they can build a fan base deep enough in either city. Sorry but Providence seems more grimmy every time I go there! Yick!

    Remember the Cannons began their existence in Lowell and look how it worked out for them? A bellweather franchise with strong attendance numbers relative to the rest of their league.

    Lets go Lowell!
  10. ozzgift

    ozzgift New Member

    I am sure we will see the new NALL franchise end up in Lowell it seems the best fit for them arena size wise and closeness to major cities. As for the blazers if indeed the new NALL team ends up in lowell their only move would be providence or Hartford becuase i think worcester and Manchester,NH would be to close and they would be competing for the same fanbase at the same time of year. I think Hartford is a long shot because a move their would mean they would have to start from scratch with the fan base and honestly for the team to survive they need to be able to atleast get some of the original fan base to stick with the team. so with providence they will still be close enough to where some of their current fanbase might be willing to travel to.
    I guess the next few months will bring a lot of news on the future of box lacrosse in the southern new england region
  11. JCJarhead

    JCJarhead New Member

    All good thoughts!

    Nice points Ozzgift....please do keep us posted as news arises. It would be pretty ironic if we go from not having any boxla potentially two different teams in two different leagues? Such is the life of a US boxla fan!?:doh:

    I really hope the Blazers make it roots with them (although I realize they are not the same franchise) go back to the MILL days. But it does not look good if their only choices are Hartford or Providence. And unless we get Dan Dawson just wouldn't be the same anyhow? Time to stick a fork in it...I wish it were'nt true...but I also remember the feeling I had at the end of last could tell something bad was coming. My ticket rep stopped pushing tickets and when all the tshirts ran out at the last became clear that they had not ordered anymore....the writing was on the wall for those who could see it.

    Manchester is simply not big enough for the NLL to be interested in my opinion? Look at the list of NLL cities (with the exception of the Stealth) and put Manchester on that just doesn't look right?:confused:
  12. ozzgift

    ozzgift New Member

    yep you are right their were a lot of odd signs that made us all feel that something was up. we have zero chance at getting DDD back the blazers got extreemly lucky in the construction of their team with how the drafts went down.

    Manchester may or may not be good for the NLL, i am not sure how big the youth outdoor lacrosse is in that area. If they have a lot of youth lax in the area and the rent for the arena is cheep they got a good shot, those are the two big factors in a teams survival without either one of those your doomed from the get go. The blazers were starting to get the youth lax in the door by renting turf time in the afternoon and requiring you to buy X amount of seats for time on the turf,

    Just look at the cannons a large part of their fan base is youth lax players and that helps them get about 10k a night.
  13. JCJarhead

    JCJarhead New Member

    Nall folding?

    What is up now? Well....on the bright side...I guess Lowell is once again available to the Blazers (if they decide to return)?

    What next? I am anxiously awaiting the Cannons season at this point.:doh:
  14. ozzgift

    ozzgift New Member

    I dont think anyone relly knows what is up with the Boston NALL team, According to some articles they are saying the Boston team is going to play in some capacity for the 2012 season to fill the gap of 2 teams either cesing operations or the league shutting them out. So honestly box lacrosse in new england is really up in the area. Right now it looks like the only box lacrosse i will be seeing live is the wings home opener and the Fann cup games in july.

    Yep i am very much looking forward to the cannons season cant beat getting to tailgate before the games and getting to watch some lacrosse , my third year going to games and second as a season ticket holder in the bud light endzone.

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