bring back shoots and ladders

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by gobandits11, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. gobandits11

    gobandits11 Member

    the intro used now (i believe is a godsmack song) just doesnt have the same get-up to it as shoots and ladders did. its like when the sabres stopped using "shippin up to boston" in favor for welcome home. its just not the same. maybe if enough people on here say they want that back, someone will notice and change it. hey, we can hope cant we? who agrees?
  2. FixThis

    FixThis New Member

    Please refer to my post in the Bandits can break attendace thread. I said it quite clearly!!
  3. Fetter

    Fetter Active Member

    Bring it back! It worked perfectly!
  4. Brosh

    Brosh New Member

    I also agree
  5. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    No!!!!! That song is go creepy! :D
  6. sassygrl72

    sassygrl72 Active Member

    They changed the opening song? Booooooooo! I'm a Wings fan and even I have to agree that the song must come back.
  7. dxh8r4life

    dxh8r4life New Member

    i agree, BRING BACK KORNS SHOOTS AND LADDERS!!! you know it's bad when even a philly fan wants our intro to come back!
  8. BCD

    BCD New Member

    The song is by Korn. :doh:
  9. sassygrl72

    sassygrl72 Active Member

    You know it's a good intro when it makes a fan of the opposing team want to cheer for your team. :)
  10. mechaphil

    mechaphil New Member

    It's a good intro because it's got the bagpipes, among other reasons. David might as well not even come out if he's gonna come out to a Godsmack song.

  11. FixThis

    FixThis New Member

    We love you Sassy!!:cool:
  12. kaotik29

    kaotik29 New Member

    LOL, you do realize they do play "Shoots and Ladders", right? It's just not right after the bagpipes like would make sense and like it was any game I've been to before this season. They need to get rid of whatever that other song is they play between the bagpipes and "Shoots and Ladders".
  13. MILLwasbetter

    MILLwasbetter Well-Known Member

    Bring Shoots And Ladders The **** Back​
  14. maverick215

    maverick215 New Member

    We Want Shoots And Ladders Brought Back !!!!!!
  15. mechaphil

    mechaphil New Member

    I believe it's "Keep Away" by Godsmack
  16. Over and Back

    Over and Back New Member

    Whatever it is, it's CRAP!!!!

    Why mess with what has always been working/popular in the past, in the first place?
  17. sassygrl72

    sassygrl72 Active Member

    Love you too baby! ;)
  18. bandits11

    bandits11 New Member

    It's definetly not "Keep Away" by Godsmack

    Use this URL to see a video of it:

    It's just a different version of Shoots and Ladders by Korn
  19. mechaphil

    mechaphil New Member

    Not to argue, cuz we all want the old intro back, but when David was just standing there jamming away on his pipes, it definitely felt like a Godsmack song. But, I've been wrong in the past so I just may be wrong again.

    Either way, bring back the old intro!
  20. gobandits11

    gobandits11 Member

    the song is "keep away"...go to 3:10 in the video of the link posted and listen to it...if you want to, compare it to this

    go to 1:10 of this video and you will see...its the same
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