can tavares lead his team to a cup?

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    It's the Mets fault. No AAA team wants to be affiliated with them. (That's not a joke, either)
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    That's why I was dumbfounded when the Bisons re-signed with the Mets before the 2011 season. When the Mets first became the parent club of the Bisons in 2009, the Bisons started the year 2-17!
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    Well, it all started when the Yankees left Columbus for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre after the Phillies left Scranton for Ottawa (as part of a plan to move Ottawa to Lehigh Valley). Cleveland then decided they'd rather have their affiliate in Columbus instead of Buffalo. Buffalo then initially told the Blue Jays "no" during the fall of 2008 after Syracuse also decided to end their affiliation with the Jays. Syracuse signed with Washington and Buffalo signed with the Mets. As a result, the Jays signed with Las Vegas.
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    The Web and the Hearing Impaired

    Roy, it's obvious that multiple hearing-capable people can't hear it for some technical reason or other, so we can't tell you the gist of what is said. But, it doesn't matter because, as a hearing-impaired person, you can't hear it either way and the "author" of the article, Kenny Ducey, should know that there are dedicated fans like you out there who can't hear such podcasts.

    Maybe you should drop him a note first, letting him know that some of us are having problems and second, that you are a devout NY sports fan who is hearing-impaired and would love to know what the contents of the audio were. Making a transcript shouldn't be too difficult in this day and age with various voice-translation software available, but, even without a transcript, every good print journalist should at least have a summary paragraph of the story. Then, such an audio file would provide the "evidence" or supporting details of the summary. He doesn't do that, but instead says "Hear Botta's answers in my interview below.". That's bullshit - he should at least give a sentence or two summarizing what Botta said. If he had done that, then you might not have asked us to comment. You shouldn't have to rely on others for something like this. Again, drop him a line so he knows that he has people interested in what he has to say, but who can't hear. This is how people like that widen their worldview. Furthermore, since he's with Fordham University, he should know better.

    Better yet, escalate the issue and follow the link below to email Rita Houston, the WFUV Program Director; Bob Ahrens, the Sports Producer; and Kara Manning, the Web Editor. If you want, cut-n-paste this post.

    Don't be a dick about it, but let them know that, even though they are a college radio station, their market includes the hearing impaired. Forward them this link:

    I doubt it, but they might also be subject to "Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973" if Fordham gets Federal money.

    EDIT: I doubt it a lot less now. As an entity which almost assuredly receives Federal money of some type, I suspect Fordham University is subject to Section 508. To comply with Section 508, they'd have to have some more elaborating text (such as a transcript) to go with that audiofile.

    "Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible." - Frank Zappa.
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    This would have been an awesome quote to use during my group presentation about innovation in the workplace.
  6. Vin

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    Well, this one (although I don't know the source) is probably more relevant:

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

    but it's also a mother of innovation.

    Then there's always "It's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil." which applies in the case with my whining suggestion of contacting Fordham University about the need for a transcript (or something like it) of that audio file so the hearing impaired can understand and appreciate it too.
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    Speaking of minor league baseball, Mets own Brooklyn Cyclones so its lifetime contract.

    NY Yankees and Trenton Thunder signed 10 years deal so they are bound together until 2022.

    Could Toronto and Buffalo do that? Its possible but what about Rochester and Syrcuse? One has to wonder why Mets is not with them but out in the west in Las Vegas? Is that suppose to be for Colorado or Arizona since thats where they are closer to. Its my guess.

    I was in Poconos few times in the past and majority of people around the area support the Yankees. I see very few people wearing Phillies. I know its shocking because its in PA, ya know. I went to mall there and all I saw them selling is Yankees gear but NO PHILLIES. Perhaps thats why SWB RailRiders is with Yankees not Phillies. Its my guess. Im going back there in Aug. My good friend own 2nd home in Poconos so Im going back there to relax and take it easy.

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    The Phillies AAA team was in Scranton W-B for 20 years and drew well. They were called the Red Barons.

    Scranton is a NY TV market, not Phila.
  9. Vin

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    What do you mean by that? I'm a tad perplexed.

    Scranton has its own TV market with plenty of local affiliates. Are you saying that, for baseball on TV, they are in NY's bucket and not Philadelphia? That I could believe because the Yankees AAA team is in Scranton, I believe. Maybe that's why the Poconos folks were wearing Yankees gear... That, and alot of NYers vacation in the Poconos.
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    Its true... its NY TV Market.

    Why? like I mentioned before, my friend own 2nd home in Poconos where SWB are. When I put on tv to watch something, all I get was NY channels. I got basic NY channels CBS, NBC, FOX and so on.

    For example. Im in Brooklyn and CBS is Ch 2, NBC is Ch 4, Fox is Ch 5.

    When I was in Poconos with friend, I put on Ch 5 and I got FOX network. More than that, I got the Yankees or Mets game NOT PHILLIES game.

    I also got MSG, MSG Plus and YES on his 2nd home not Comcast based channels.

  11. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    I think what that says is that the cable / satellite systems are similarly numbered as NY.

    For instance, the Scranton affiliates for the networks are:
    WNEP-TV ABC affiliate, Comcast Cable Channel 6
    WBRE-TV NBC affiliate, Comcast Cable Channel 3
    WYOU-TV CBS affiliate, Comcast Cable Channel 2 (like NYC)
    WVIA-TV PBS affiliate, Comcast Cable Channel 4
    WOLF-TV Fox affiliate, Comcast Cable Channel 5 (like NYC)

    Meanwhile, Roy, even where I live in Missouri I can get YES or SNY or MSG, I just have to pay extra.

    Where exactly does your friend live and what satellite/cable provider does he use?
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    I still can't get past the claim the Dodgers would be in a stadium where Barclays now stands if a stadium had been built there for them in 1957. Other than a few stadiums, I doubt they would be in a near 50-year-old stadium unless serious upgrading happened (see Anaheim Stadium). Even if they were still in NYC, they would have probably moved into another new stadium by now. You know the Giants would be if they haven't moved. They probably would have had 2 new stadiums by now.

    Sorry, I just couldn't get past it.
  13. RockyNY

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    I think in the zip code of 18404. Im not sure but I know we are 15-20 mins away from SWB RailRiders stadium.

  14. Vin

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    Roy's right.

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  15. RockyNY

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    You have to believe what would have happened if Dodgers stay. But Mr Boo doesnt want to believe it.

    My grandfather, before he passed away in 2007, at the age of 101 years old (due to old age factor), told me that if Dodgers stay, No Mets and Cyclones. What for? Why do we need them?

    He was fully aware that Nets was going to move to Brooklyn but Ratner was in the middle of 9 years legal battle against NIMBY. The arena finally got build in 2009. NIMBY filed appx 50 different lawsuit over petty thing (air rights, land deed, train rights, enivornment review, and so on - all was approved by State for Ratner to buld arena but NIMBY was too "Forrest Gump" to understand that).

    He said that if Dodgers stay, no Nets - they would stay in NJ because of that LAND was in use for Dodgers.

    I was in that area in late 1980s and let me tell you something, it was HORRIBLE. It was all full of weeds, vacant land, and waste of space. I thought, maybe SOMETHING USEFUL would be in good use. Now, 30 years later, its completely different. I mean, its BACK TO THE FUTURE DIFFERENT. You got mall and arena there. It look so much better and LOT SAFER than it was before.

    In 1980s, I would only see, maybe 20 people, the most. Now, I see 1000 of people there. It has become popular attraction unlike before.

    That, my friend, was "BACK TO THE FUTURE" look.

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    this thread has long fullfilled its usefulness
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    All 33 pages, mostly made up of "I'm not even reading this f---ing s--t!" posts .

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    LOL! So true, so true...
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    I didnt create this thread.
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    LOL @ "too Forrest Gump". Doesn't make any sense.

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