can tavares lead his team to a cup?

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    Staying out of the latest 'Colesum' thread... just gotta walk away from the troll.
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    in case you didnt hear NHL fans currently are pretty sour at Russian players seeing how Ilya Kovalchuk suddenly retired and left 77 million dollars and 11 years left on his contract in the dust for russian fans to give a hoot about the islanders i think the islanders would need a russian player on the roster much like the nets when the got Kirilenko and im not counting nabakov even though he is one
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    his decision to retire should NOT impact the Islanders at all. My feeling is that he was fed up with the league system when it come to money issue. We know what happened when his original contract was rejected and has to do it over.

    Islanders can promote this by placing ads in community and have Russian owner speak in Russian about Islanders. One thing is that Wang is willing to work with them, unlike Dolan.

    Its summer right now, I think the movement will begin very shortly, prolly in September due to pre season game

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    you do realize his first contract that got rejected was for 17 years 102 million
    and the one that was accepted was 15 years 100 million
    the first contract was clearly to circumvent the cap system allowing a lower cap hit for the contract when the contract would of ran when he was in his 40s im not saying kovalchuk would impact the islanders
    but him bolting is bringing the topic back up of how soft european players are russians especially on how they are committed to the NHL
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    his decision to retire shall free up Devils salary cap room. I think.

    But there are some Russian players that survive NHL - Pavel Bure.

    And Russian fans that love hockey, doesnt know, Islanders are in Brooklyn so, this could be Islanders chance to win them over.

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    yea the big money comes off the cap they get a cap recapture penalty of 250k against the cap every year for the next 12 years
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    And Isles bought out the DiP's contract and guess what, its not on the salary cao at all.

    They will pay him 1,5 million dollars a year for 16 years and its not count toward to salary cao. Smart move, is it, by the Islanders, huh?

    This would never happen if Islaes stay in LI. Moving to Bklyn is the best thing ever to happen to the franchise as Isles see bright thing. With Nets help, it will be due time that Isles become popular.

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    Hate to break it to you he was getting bought out regardless of them moving
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    Heck....they couldn't afford him if they stayed, so they would have had to buy him out either way.

    The planned move and buy out had nothing to do with each other.
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    Just got back from WWE Monday Night RAW at Barclays Center and I just want to say... this is it.

    In Nov 2012, when I was there for Nets game, everyone working for arena was wearing black n white clothing to represent Nets.

    Now - July 2013, its 50-50. Barclays Center employees, some of them are now wearing Black n White AND Orange n Blue. I cant stress it enough that I have seen more of Orange n Blue than Black n White. Just got me thinking why Orange n Blue. The hint is quite obvious but...

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    I'm all aquiver...
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    That post is for ya, Swamni, since you like to use the word - FOLD.

    Im trying to tell ya that it aint happening. Barclays Center now run both Nets and Islanders.

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    Irrellavant as always.
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    btw since you continue to address him as SwamNI ill correct you its S W A M I
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    Pink taco.
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    Ya know something. I asked hearing person who went to WWE RAW last night that took place in Brooklyn and compared it to MSG Crowd.

    Honestly to g-d, it was really LOUD, man.

    Brooklyn crowd seem more passion than MSG crowd ever was. It was really loud, and yes, that darn loud that I left the arena with ringing ears. You dont get that from deaf person at all.

    Brooklyn crowd seem to be more passion about this than MSG and it was so during Nets game (compared to Knicks). It got me thinking.. ya know, once Islanders get here, I think Im gonna be RIGHT AFTER ALL.

    And yes, I was at MSG for WWE event before Dolan took over and it was so quiet. Even someone was there for PPV event and said it was also quiet. Brooklyn was loudest he ever heard. Very passion about it. I think WWE should come back to Brooklyn again for PPV or RAW event, seriously.

    Cant wait, in two months, wonder how crowd will feel about ISLANDERS!!!

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    da**** did you just say?
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    He said something about how Brooklyn has great pro wrestling fans. I cannot believe I read an argument that included someone pointing out that the crowd at an episode of Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn was louder than a crowd in Manhattan as way of proving that the fans in Brooklyn will give the Islanders great crowd support.

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