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    New outdoor league that's supposed to be a Canadian version of MLL, season runs april-may.. it says professional but sounds more like senior A field. Should be interesting though as they plan on have a team in every major market.
  2. Andrew GEA

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    Personally I like all forms of lacrosse but professionally speaking I think long term only NLL will last
  3. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member is their website. --

    League founder David Parsons expects the CPLL to begin play in the spring of 2018 with a 13-game schedule (six home games, six away games, and one pre-season game). There is already strong ownership interest in four Canadian cities with more expected in short order.

    “We have had very promising talks already with groups in Victoria, Saskatoon, Hamilton, and Toronto. Those conversations will continue and we expect to have other markets show their interest very soon,” said Parsons.

    Interest is way different than having cities sign on the dotted line for a start in 6 months or so. And "Spring" is in direct competition with NLL and MLL. MLL is having a hard time drawing flies and the MLL team in Hamilton/Toronto didn't do well.

    As Jerry Seinfeld once said, "Good luck with allllll that."
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    I still think the Toronto Nationals could have stuck around if they had not been chased out of BMO field.

    Even if it was papered, they were around (a believable) 3500 most games, and, broke 5000 once.

    If they had stayed there, and been competitive, they could have posted steady numbers around that level, and, maybe come somewhat close to break even.

    I think I remember them being chased out after BMO field went to natural grass....can't have lacrosse with a major soccer tenant because of the way the cleats destroy the grass around the lacrosse crease.

    Lamport field was big enough for their needs, but, the place is a sh|thole, and, the jackasses forced everyone to sit in the East bleachers for summer evening games so we could stare into the sun.

    Needless to say, $30 whatever plus for seats wasn't appealing under that scenario......
  5. Andrew GEA

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    I think if this league works with the new soccer league they could see some success. For example Halifax is building a small downtown stadium for the CPL. They also have some sort of field interest with the MUFLL. So east Canada would have nice success.
  6. mtbf

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    "We are aiming to have players from current professional leagues such as the NLL (National Lacrosse League) and MLL (Major League Lacrosse), along with junior leagues, and college and university graduates all taking a crack at making a CPLL roster. We are looking for the best of the best and emerging talent to show their skills to the Canadian audience."
    How will they draw NLL players if the play during the last 4 games of the regular season and all the playoffs? Even worse with the MLL as the season seems to run at the same time. Maybe the suck in some Jr players as there are far fewer top level CLA teams but there are also many 2nd tier and 3rd tier options and the CPLL would seem to offer no path to the "big money" of the NLL (I laugh calling the NLL big money).
  7. Andrew GEA

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    That's a lofty goal, of them , it'll be full of senior A and B guys.

    I wanna see their rule book. I hope they are different than the MLL. If this league has any ambitions to get spectators they'll need more contact for sure !
  8. This project I believe is largely dead. David Parsons was announced on the executive for the Canadian Arena (football) League the other day. The indoor football league might make a go as they want teams in regional pods that are no more than 50 miles apart. But trying to launch two leagues, one national in scale for 2018 is tough to say the least.

    From all accounts David Parsons is a dreamer anyhow. He has tried his hand at promoting pro wrestling in 2010ish and folded his promotion as he couldn't come up with some tiny amount of money ($2,500). The article I had found about his pro wrestling ventures had him quoted as saying his next move was getting into producing adult films. I didn't do any research to see how that went for him. He popped back up in sports in 2013ish when he tried to start an indoor football league in Southern Ontario. He got as far as having tryouts in Mississauga and naming teams and then it disappeared. Honestly, this guy seems like he really wants to run a sports venture, but lacks the capital to do it himself. Reminds me of Wild Bill Hunter, except Wild Bill had friends with money. (Wild Bill Hunter in case you don't know is responsible for helping to form the WHA and owned the Edmonton Oilers before Peter Pocklington bought them, he also managed to purchase the St. Louis Blues and attempt to move them to Saskatoon in 1983, which the NHL blocked, he also was responsible for attempting to start a couple different pro hockey leagues in the early 90s that never got off the ground.)
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    This is exactly the sort of controversial owner the NLL needs!
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  10. Vin

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    I wouldn't be so sure about that.
    Sure, the MLL is not exactly a household name, but what if the MLL approached NFL owners like the NLL does NBA and NHL owners?
    1. NFL owners would be happy to make more money with their stadiums outside of NFL season and
    2. Lacrosse is a growing sport and
    3. The CTE issue with football isn't going away and with football's decline in attendance, NFL owners would be smart to invest in a Plan B sport even if it does not pay-off for 2 or more decades. Of course, if the NFL owners did invest in MLL teams, then the MLL would get more respect and be a nontrivial player besides baseball or MLS for warm-weather outdoor team sports.
    Thinking of that and of Nick Sakiewicz's connections in MLS, I could see this:
    1. A détente between the MLL and NLL brokered by Sakiewicz. Perhaps even an umbrella organization is born merging professional lacrosse front offices.
    2. Sakiewics approaches stable MLS owners who are making a profit consider to consider using their new soccer stadiums for an MLL franchise.
    3. MLL expands to pre-existing profitable MLL markets.
    Keep in mind that the NFL Denver Broncos already own the MLL Denver Outlaws.
    Also, according to Wikipedia, both the Florida Launch and Dallas Rattlers are owned by billionaire Jim Davis. He's from Middlebury College, a D-3 lax power so, like Joe Tsai, he has passion. Guys like this make things happen despite any initial resistance and are the kinds of people who grow leagues.
  11. Andrew GEA

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    In the last few years Sakiewics has increased attendance, partnerships, and expanded. Ultimately he's bringing stability. As far as the only two problem markets, Vancouver needs to actually be in Vancouver and I have faith in the Georgia marketing team.

    As for the MLL attendance in on the decline , and 4/9 teams could not break 2k in attendance. All the top teams are between 4-5k (except Denver one day a year). Gross turned the MLL into a dumpster fire and I think that people are too hesitant to be commissioner because the league is in such a bad place.

    That being said I think an NFL - MLL partnership is the ideal situation for the league. Which is why they claimed the Dallas Rattlers will be their 'model' franchise. We know the patriots staff work with the cannons and the panthers head coach went to a few hounds games.

    I think there are three situations that can happen

    1, Dallas is a success and the league further intergrates with NFL

    2, Dallas is a flop (either by lack of interest or by competition with future NLL expansion) and the league eventually goes under in 3-5 years

    3, partnership/merger between MLL-NLL and Sakiewics brings in MLS support.

    Right now it all depends on the new MLL commissioner. I hope they realize that they have to cooperate with the NLL. But five month until the season and no new commissioner makes me nervous...

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