Casey Powell getting his knee checked out

Discussion in 'Boston Blazers Forum' started by Corporal, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Corporal

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  2. dougm

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    get healthy casey
  3. BlazerCannon8

    BlazerCannon8 New Member

    I saw him go down after that collision with Rabil and cringed. He may have been a Nat today but we need #22 on the floor for the Blazers. Hopefully he's OK.
  4. ozzgift

    ozzgift New Member

    hopefully the injury isnt that bad and atleast he has a few months to recover before the NLL begins.
    now id like to know why casey decided to return to the MLL after missing 2 full seasons and 10 games this season and i am sure if this ends up a worst case injury the blazers might ask the same thing.
  5. R.I.C.H.

    R.I.C.H. New Member

    Casey Powell did great in the Championship game. I was worried he'd spoil the Cannons' victory. But now we have something new to worry about. I just hope that injury Casey got at the last secong of the game doesn't affect his upcoming season as a Blazer.

    Here's hoping for a fast recovery.
  6. We were at the game. He was down for a while. Hate to see a guy go out like that.
  7. JCJarhead

    JCJarhead New Member

    Recovery time

    I hope he proves me wrong and I am a Casey fan...but a knee injury coupled with this advanced age (as it relates to sports) not an enviable combination?
  8. Hopkins45

    Hopkins45 New Member

    Casey is a Warrior, if there is a way he will be back playing. He did evidently play in the entire tournament up at Lake Placid before the end of the MLL season.
  9. ozzgift

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  10. dtj

    dtj New Member

    He'll be fine. He got an extra portion of toughness at birth, which was later needed but not given to Mikey.
  11. Hopkins45

    Hopkins45 New Member

    The Fourth and final Powell is coming- Mason a junior in high school right now is evidently making a name for himself.
  12. Bradling

    Bradling New Member

    Ya, in hockey.

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