Championship Crossball Game

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  1. crossball

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    TOP OF THE NINTH, 1 OUT....... on first. Team Canada is at the plate. They are down a
    run with the score 11-10. Team U.S.A is on the field defending. The
    world championship is on the line. The batter coolly takes a few
    practice swings. There is eye contact between the pitcher and
    batter. And theres the pitch, a second later the crack of the bat.
    The ball is smashed down the 3rd base line. The Team U.S.A 3rd
    baseman has made one quick lunge to his right and snagged the ball on
    a short hop. Incredible timing. Then with another lightning quick
    move he has launched the ball to his 2nd baseman. Where he in turns
    steps on the bag, making it two out, he then fires the ball to his
    awaiting 1st baseman. The ball is caught and in time. Three out. A
    perfect double play. Game over Team U.S.A. has won the World
    I am sure you are wondering why you are reading about a baseball
    play in a lacrosse magazine. The reason is, this is not a baseball
    game. In fact this is a Crossball game. The play executed by
    Fantasy Team U.S.A was done with lacrosse sticks, not baseball gloves.
    Crossball is a combination of baseball and lacrosse. It was created in
    Victoria, British Columbia. Canada. In the year 2005. It is very
    similar to baseball, however it is played with a bat, lacrosse sticks
    and lacrosse ball. The pitcher and batter are on the same team. The
    batter gets only 3 pitches maximum. There are no strikes or balls.
    The game is much more exciting than baseball because the ball is
    entering the playing field almost every time a batter is up. This
    game takes out the tedious tension between the pitcher and batter.
    No more running into a hot pitcher where he strikes everyone out and
    the fielders rarely see the ball. Each player has to pitch at least
    half a "crossing" (name used instead of inning). Also, unlike
    baseball there are no rain delays in Crossball, you play in rain,
    sleet and snow.
    My name is David W. Brown and I am the creator of Crossball. I am
    also the president of the I.C.F. ( International Crossball
    Federation) This game is already finding its roots in Canada, India
    and Pakistan. I want to take this new and exciting sport global. If
    you or anyone you know is interested in helping develop Crossball in
    your country, please go to and check out the
    International Crossball Federation.
    You can contact me, David W. Brown at
    The next time you are watching a baseball game, picture the players
    making plays with lacrosse sticks instead of baseball gloves. There
    is no better piece of equipment than the lacrosse stick, the
    possibilities for making plays is endless. Catch this!!!
    (this article is going to be published in the September issue of The
    European Lacrosse Magazine. Germany wins 11-10 over France)
  2. Avalanche8686

    Avalanche8686 New Member

    Sounds neat.
  3. MattBillz

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    Yeah I heard that it was getting pretty big in pakistan.
  4. crossball

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    Sense for excitement

    To me it makes sense. You think about the highlights in baseball on the 11
    oclock news. They are amazing, but they are few and far between. Imagine the
    plays with a lacrosse stick. Picture the outfielder stealing a possible home run at the wall. You definitely would have more of a reach with a lacrosse stick. The hitter and pitcher are one the same team. . Plus since the hitter only gets 3 pitches maximum the ball will go into the field almost everytime. So many more highlights. Check out to get a better understanding. Every sport has to have a birth date and a growing period. Crossball is born. Anymore comments would be greatly appreciated. David W. Brown I.C.F.
  5. fanoflax

    fanoflax New Member

    Sounds great.
  6. AP

    AP New Member

    sounds like

    sounds like beer league softball with less running and more errors.
  7. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Man, I'd never be able to hit the cut-off man on the way to home...and moving that ball around sounds too much like passing, so AP's out... :D
  8. troubleinsec111

    troubleinsec111 New Member

    I love the idea...I've been asking for the last couple years if I could use my lax stick at the company softball game they always say no, but now if I tell them about this maybe they'll let me :rotfl:
  9. gmbjr

    gmbjr Banned

    I think it sounds cool. I'd check it out if it was local. Bring it on.

    On the other hand, I have the patience and understanding of the game to enjoy nine innings of baseball. I like the pitcher-hitter matchups, discussing situational offensive or defensive strategies, all of that stuff. Theres alot going on all the time if you understand the game. At least in the NL. The AL is mindless.

    Just protecting a great sport.
  10. crossball

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    Baseball or crossball

    I enjoy the pitching/hitting duels but there is a little too much emphasis put this
    part of the game. Bringing a pitcher in out of the bull pen for a couple of pitches,or the continuous holding the runner on 1st seems to take the momentum out of the game. In crossball each player pitches half a crossing.(inning) You get only 3 pitches , no balls no strikes no foul balls no lead offs. The games momentum is consistent.
  11. crossball

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    The reason they do not let you use a lacrosse stick at the company game is because using a lacrosse takes a skill few people have. And since you have it the boss would be afraid you would end up taking his mistress home. She would be so impressed with your hand eye coordination. :joke
  12. crossball

    crossball New Member

    crossball in europe

    Crossball will be featured in the European Lacrosse Magazine in Mid September.
    Anyone try playing it yet. If baseball can be deemed a sport, and one of the biggest in America, surely Crossball could grow. Maybe somebody in America wants to develop this sport. A real go getter.
  13. raphilly

    raphilly New Member

    Crossball says...
    > If baseball can be deemed a sport

    IF?!?! You're losing credibility, my friend, just as I was getting intrigued by word of this hybrid sport...

  14. crossball

    crossball New Member


    I know baseball is a Americas' favorite PASTIME. Baseball is so flawed. It is not much of a spectator sport, I mean pastime. Too much emphasis on pitcher and batter. Crossball avoids this completely. Pitcher and batter are on the same team but only 3 pitches. The ball enters the playing field almost everytime. Now the spectators get to see continuous action.
  15. gmbjr

    gmbjr Banned

    kind of like the pathetic kids tv shows you see during the day now. All computer generated, mindless, with lots of color and movement but not much substance.

    Baseball requires thought. Crossball will not.
  16. Corporal

    Corporal Active Member

    Just thinking about this. The batter and pitcher are on the same team. The pitcher will throw the ball in a manner that the hitter can best hit it. This sounds like home run derby. The pitcher is no more than throwing batting practice pitches to the hitter, who can just crank it out of the park much more often than not.

    I am losing interest in baseball more and more with lacrosse replacing it but it would seem that crossball is even more hitter-friendly and with that may take even longer to play than baseball. I think that is the catch 22 of crossball.
  17. Rushfanatic

    Rushfanatic New Member

    a little off topic but your sentiment here is ballson...since I've become a lacrosse fan, I barely watch the NHL anymore, I gave up my football season tickets to afford my Rush season tickets...damn this game is addictive.
  18. crossball

    crossball New Member

    Home run Derby?

    You get 3 pitches. The distance is 50 feet.( I might increase to regular baseball at the higher levels.)60 feet. How accurate are you from 50-60 feet with your lacrosse stick. Also you have to have velocity on the pitch if you want it to go farther. Physics. Crossball will require thought, there will be just as much decisions as in baseball, same premise. Plus each player has to pitch. I recommend get your lacrosse team together, with the rules, and get back to me. How hard is that? Then we can have a real discussion. I wish I was around when baseball was created. They could have used the help.
  19. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    WRONG...... I played highly competive slow pitch softball for 17 years. I've see tons of guys hitting balls 350+ feet. I've seen top flight A players go 450. Pitchers would just need to perfect a nice lob.

    It's in a magazine...BFD. Current culture in America is waning from ALL organized sports. Kids have been too regimented in play fro the last 25 years. teams sports are dying unless highly organized. no one playes pickup games in anything other than basketball.

    Why the F---- would we?

    Say bye bye to the shard of credibilty you had

    Nice to be creative and passionate about something. Something you created and named yourself Grand Poohbah thereof :rolleyes: . It's lunacy to say you trump a game with 120 years of ingrained history.
  20. crossball

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    120 years

    I wish had a 120 years history ingraining of crossball. Try to play the game.
    The reason I am talking on Lacrosse forums is because you have to be skilled with a lacrosse stick to play this game. Which means you have to be able to give a hittable pitch with only 3 chances. Do you want to try that from 50-60 feet? Each player has to pitch.

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