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  1. Avalanche8686

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    Baze, serveral times today I recieved threatening phone calls from what I think are students from Geneseo that are on your squad. During one of the calls I thought I heard someone muttering a foreign language in the background. It might have been Huan Kim Dselinski III, but I really cannot say for sure.

    I will not tolerate any of this and it's not too late to call everything off....
  2. baze117

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    I can assure you that it was nobody on my squad that made these threatening phone calls to you. We have all been together all night having a pasta dinner, followed by some team bonding activities. I will speak with Huan tommorow morning before the game, and if I find out that it was indeed him that made these phone calls, he will be a healthy scratch for tommorows game.

    I feel really bad for what has happened, and hope to make it up to you. Along with tommorows game and meal festivities, I have used my individual funds to purchase a keg of the world famous Molsen Canadian. Looking forward to seeing you and your team tommorow, rest well and if you need anything at all, you know my number.
  3. Avalanche8686

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    Baze, thanks for the kind and reassuring words. We are having a team breakfast in about twenty minutes then the convoy leaves for Geneseo around 10pm.

    See you guys soon!
  4. Avalanche8686

    Avalanche8686 New Member

    First off, what a amazing game we played today on the immaculate campus of SUNY Geneseo.

    They wanted me to give the game synopsis so here it goes...

    We, the Oswegoers, arrived on Geneseo grounds around 12:30pm EDT. Soon as we parked and headed over the field we were met by Baze and the rest of his team. They all greated us and introduced themselves, some great hospitality right off the bat. We began to throw the ball around and took a few swings at the plate...

    Billz called Baze and I over to the plate to go over some ground rules and such. We agreed Oswego should and would be the "away" team for obvious reasons.

    I think the offical first pitch of the game occured at 1:09pm under some beautiful early summer sunny weather. Team Geneseo 1-2-3ed us in the top of the first crossing with help from a great running snag by Pete Tanepeiolous in left field. Geneseo sent four batters up to the plate in the first inning and you know who --cough baze-- grounded into the inning ending 6-4-3 double play.

    The first run of the game came in the 3rd crossing when Jason Hantes doubled down the right field line scoring Cliff Askey. Oswego ended up tacking on three more runs to take a 4-0 lead.

    Geneseo finally scored on a botched and controversial play in the bottom of the 4th crossing. With no outs and runners on first and second, the batter hit a mile high pop up, the infield fly rule SHOULD have been called by the umpiring crew but wasn't. Mike Anderson ended up dropping the pop up, he claims not on purpose though, he went for the force at third but air mailed it. The runner then advanced home. Without hesitation I argued the call that it should have been a infield fly but Matt and his crew made up some BS call...

    They ended up adding two more runs chipping away the deficit to only a run. Engulfed with anger, I rallied my team to resurrect our offense and boy did we ever. We posted a 9 spot in the 5th crossing and never looked back from there. In the end, Oswego clobbered Geneseo 19-6, but just like the Fann Cup motto, it's not all about winning but more about getting together to play this awesome sport.

    After the game, the BBQ was held. Baze manned the grill and did a fantastic job on the steaks and the hots. Matt brought the devilled eggs his buddy made at work which everyone seemed to enjoy. My mom's pies were also pretty popular from what I saw.

    Overall, a great day. Many memories were made that will last a lifetime.

    Crossball: The TV crew was there and filmed the entire game. I'm not sure how long it will take to edit the footage and such. Baze can better answer that.

    PS Baze, your baked beans were the talk of the drive back to Oswego. We want the recipe!
  5. MattBillz

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    It was clearly stated that the infield fly rule would not be in effect for this game -- Maybe you would have heard the call if you weren't too busy fixing your illegal stick. You should be happy that you even got to play with that Steenhuis-esque pocket you tried to sneak in. If you have any other issues with me or my umpiring crew, I would prefer you direct them to me personally.
  6. crossball

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    Great write up

    That was an excellent write up, almost felt like I was there. You are one for detail Avalanche, great work. I like how you wrote crossing instead of inning, very insightful. Sounds like a great day. The video should be a few minutes long, just highlights. Look forward to it. Thanks. David
  7. crossball

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    received magazine

    European lacrosse magazine came in the mail. Crossball article is one 2nd page.
    It is a great magazine with lots of writeups and pictures of lacrosse in Europe. I recommend checking it out. Send away for it. How is the video coming along, got to get it on the website. David
  8. Avalanche8686

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    Like I said, Baze can give you more info on that. He hasn't posted on here since last week before the game.

    He hasn't returned any of my phone calls, emails, or instant messages. He seemed kind of depressed and didn't say much to me after the game. I don't know if he's upset at me or anything. I don't remember doing anything that crossed the line. There were some words exchanged between both benches during the game. I don't think he took that too seriously :confused: ....
  9. crossball

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    lopsided loss

    Baze, is the pain of the loss slowing the editing of the video. Remember it is not whether you win or lose but how you played the game. I am sure your teams efforts cannot be questioned. David.
  10. MattBillz

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    Avs, if Baze falls through with the video, one of the guys that umped the game said he would gladly put something together.
  11. Avalanche8686

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    I'm starting to really worry....

    During the BBQ following the game, Pete Tanepeiolous, one of Baze's outfielders, and I randomly started talking about some of our other hobbies. It turns out we're both avid metal detector users and each love a good walk on the beach or through the woods trying to dig up something priceless. Anyways, we exchanged contacts and he instant messaged me last night asking if I've heard from Baze at all.

    He tells me they are both in a Tuesday-Thursday morning Music 101 class and every Thursday they sit down for breakfast together -- Baze failed to show the other morning. He also says he hasn't seen him around in the dining halls at all.

    I'm very concerned now.

    I have some errands to run around Rochester today. I might stop by his house and see if he's home. Maybe he's at home?
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  12. crossball

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    We better get something soon if possible, the deadline is looming. David
  13. Avalanche8686

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    I drove past Baze's house today. I saw his car was in the driveway so I decided to pull over and see if he was there. I went up to his door, rung the bell and saw him quickly peak out of the window but he didn't answer. I don't understand :confused:

    Crossball, what's the deadline?
    Mattbillz, I hope the umpire you're refering to wasn't the one working the left field line. He was pretty cocky in my opinion.
  14. MattBillz

    MattBillz Member

    Avs, you said you drove by my house earlier in the Bandits forum thread, now you just stated you drove by Baze's house. This couldn't have been mere coincidence seeing how we live relatively far away from eachother for you to pass us both by on an afternoon drive. Is there something you need to tell us?

    Unfortunately the guy on the left field line IS in fact the tech wiz that will work on the video. I will talk to him about his attitude. He does want to know if your team would be interested in DVD copies of the game, and how many if you are interested. All he asks is to be reimbursed for the price of the DVD's and maybe take him out to lunch sometime.

    Crossball, are you interested in a DVD of the game?
  15. crossball

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    I am definitely interested in seeing the whole game, The video should be just highlights (appx 5 min). I would appreciate a DVD of the game, the first recorded game in the history of Crossball. That would definitely be worth something in a 100 years. David
  16. baze117

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    woahh...sorry that I havnt posted in a while, there was an incident of myself being attacked in the parking garage near the game. Don't be concerned, I am 100% sure that it wasn't any of Av's team, and there were no major injuries.

    Avs it was a great game, and a hard fought battle by your club, you deserved the win. I am still pissed that Matt let you guys play with your "altered pockets" even after I challenged the legality of your sticks, but o well...i can't blame the loss on that. far as the video is university tv station buddies have the footage, and are going to edit it and fix it up in their class within 2 weeks. It's going to be a part of their project in class. Once the entire footage is edited, they will secure a 5 minute highlight reel.

    oh and i almost forgot..Avs thank your mom for the pie I got in the mail yesterday!
  17. crossball

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    Sounds professional, hope we can get it sooner than 2 weeks, the Europeans are interested. Thanks David
  18. Avalanche8686

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    Crossball: It really sound like you're rushing us. Keep in mind we, don't have to do this at all. It will be done when it's done, whether it's next Friday, or in the middle of January.

    Baze: My mom said she's happy you enjoyed her pies. She's picking pumpkins next weekend and was wondering if you'd like one of her made-from-scratch pumkin pies.
  19. crossball

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    Sorry don't mean to rush you guys, I keep forgetting you are the boss Avalanche, the kind of guy that would be a great leader of this new sport. Thanks David
  20. Avalanche8686

    Avalanche8686 New Member

    Baze, any updates yet?

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