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Discussion in 'Portland LumberJax Forum' started by Jax_lax_Rocks, May 11, 2009.

  1. Jax_lax_Rocks

    Jax_lax_Rocks New Member

    Hey everyone:

    The Championship Game is almost here, so I thought I would drop my pick. It's pretty simple: Calgary will win, 12-10.

    Here's why:

    NLL Champions typically meet four criteria:
    1. Win 62.5% of their regular season home games or better
    2. Score 200+ goals
    3. Allow less than 200 goals
    4. Finish .500 or better at home

    Entering the postseason, only two teams met all four points: Buffalo and Calgary. It's Boom...Outta Here for Buffalo, so Calgary is the only team left.

    Every champion since 2004, which was coincidentally Calgary, has met the full criteria. So, as the numbers say, Calgary will win.
  2. Echo

    Echo Member

    Jesus. Even picked the score right! :hail:
  3. PurePlaid

    PurePlaid New Member

    Nicely done!!
  4. boozinjedi

    boozinjedi New Member


    Are we sure this guy doesn't have a time machine?
  5. StealthDragon

    StealthDragon New Member

    If I had a time machine I wouldn't be making picks in a forum, I'd be making picks in Vegas!
  6. Jax_lax_Rocks

    Jax_lax_Rocks New Member


    Thanks for all your praise. I wish I could have ended by correctly picking a Champion's Cup victory for the Jax, but there's always next year.

    Until then remember...the numbers don't lie.
  7. Smackem

    Smackem New Member

    There's always next year? :confused:
  8. WINGNUT90

    WINGNUT90 New Member

    me thinks , he needs to spell his name jax lax rox , since it looks they ve gone the same way

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