Chicago Cubs of the National Lacrosse League summary from the 1930's

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    I was going through some scraps that Judy 'Punch' Garlow gave me a couple of years ago. Judy Punch is the oldest lacrosse player still living at 98 in September. He played for Buffalo in this game from probably 1933 or 1934 against the Chicago Cougars. The final score was Buffalo Brandishers 15 Chicago Cubs 14. Here's the players in the lineup for Chicago - Kelly in net, Plummer, Sanderson, Braden, Kingston, White (probably Toots), Stevenson, Fred Hatton, Durant, Charlie Barron, Bain and Howard Baldwin (recently inducted into Ontario Lacrosse Hall of fame and killed during the second world war).
    1. Stevenson
    2. Braden
    3. Baldwin (Barron)
    4. Sanderson
    5. Baldwin (Sanderson)
    6. Barron
    7. Kingdon (White)
    8. Barron (Bain)
    9. Bain

    I know that Chuck Barron played on the Mann Cup winning Oshawa Generals Mann Cup winning field lacrosse team (same as Stevenson and White) and also played on Oshawa's only senior A box team in 1936.

    So, in fact this is really Chicago's re-entry into the National Lacrosse League.

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    you have anymore info on the olde nll?
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    I own a pair of season tickets for buffalo for the 1935-1936 season that were issued to a G. Sutherland for box 16 row 2 seats7-8 at the old broadway auditorium which was replaced by the Aud on October 14, 1940
    no price on them but they were hand signed by the owner j.a. bowman

    link to a story and photo of the broadway aud
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    funny you mention the owner's name Bowman

    because when the International Pro lacrosse league in Canada dropped to 3 teams with Montreal Canadians and Montreal Maroons folding the reamining teams left were the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Tecumsehs and Buffalo Bowmans. I have the lineups from an old program that Judy Punch Garlow gave me when the Bowmans and Maple Leafs met in the league finals in 1933 at Maple Leaf Gardens and can be viewed at "" Judy Punch was the goalie for the Buffalo Bowmans and still lives in the old folks home on the Six Nations Reserve and will be 98 in September.

    I'm going to go over those old scraps Judy Punch gave me and see what I can put together concerning the old National Lacrosse League, it's players etc from 1931 till the end of the 30's.
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    Buffalo Bowmans

    I enjoyed the information regarding the Buffalo Bowmans. My great grandfather is Thomas A. Bowman, who owned the Buffalo Bowmans. His son, Thomas A. Bowman Jr. (my great uncle) also played for the Bowmans. I visited with him in New York state 2 weeks ago. He is 93 years old, and still sharp as a tack. I was wondering if someone could tell me where I could find more information about the Buffalo Bowmans, i.e. team photos, etc. My great uncle doesn't like to "brag" about his past, and didn't give me much information. Also, one post said they had season tickets signed by the owner of the BB's, j. a. bowman. Could this actually be t. a. bowman? Thanks.
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    There's a valuable story here waiting to be written, people! I'm not the guy to do it- I don't have the lacrosse "know-how" to give it full due.

    C'mon, lax historians! Interview these 90+ year-old lax legends and get the story down on paper if it isn't already! :)
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    It could be hard to tell with no other sample of the persons writing
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    Had no clue there was a Chicago Cubs in a 1930 era NLL until right now.
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    Would love to learn more about this 1930s league.

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