Chris Driscoll To The Rock ????

Discussion in 'Toronto Rock Forum' started by TOTHFAN, Mar 13, 2003.


    TOTHFAN New Member

    read mike koreen's story in today's sun

    it could happen today
  2. goddessoflax

    goddessoflax Active Member

    The Goddess has only one comment....

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Having had the fun of watching Chris play for my Brampton Excelsiors the last few summers, knowing what kind of hard working and exciting team player he is...


    TOTHFAN New Member

    the goddess is a tad excited


    can she handle this

    driscoll in a rock uniform & kimbo coming back


    you are right goddess WAKE UP NOW LES & CALL NEW YORK
  4. Hooligan

    Hooligan Average Joe Millionaire

    [PhairIsGod pulls out scissors while standing next to the phone line at Bartley's house, cuts wire, camera gets closeup of his eyes shifting right to left to show he's evil, runs into the darkness....]

    Thats all we need, another stud scorer on the Rock. With Kim Squire coming back, AREN'T YOU GUYS SATISFIED YET???? Thats fine. You get Driscoll....but could you send us Squire???:D Yeah, that seems fair....or is it Phair!:p
  5. goddessoflax

    goddessoflax Active Member

    Chris isn't just a "stud scorer". He is the ultimate team guy....whatever the coach tells him he needs! He is an excellant defenseman, almost as fast as Steve Toll, great on loose balls, a passer that would put you in mind of Mr. Veltman...and he has a SHOT!


    NO!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T HAVE KIM!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't be so silly! ;)
  6. overhand

    overhand New Member

    What are they asking or Les is offering up for Chris? I have heard these rumours for a while now, will the trade happen?

    TOTHFAN New Member

    the SCOOP (sorry mr.veltman) is that it will be a combination of

    the high round draft picks that the rock own for this years draft

    ( the ones from van for stroup etc)

    no players from the current rock roster are involved

    new york wants to rebuild and t.o. has the 1st round picks they want.

  8. overhand

    overhand New Member

    Oh I like this one. In a round about way it would be Chris for Dan. Not bad 'cause I would have done the Matt Shearer for Stroup - this is much better.
  9. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    So who does Gongas want in trade for Driscoll (please, God and Goddess, LET THIS HAPPEN!)? Can we foist off a ham and egger on them or are we going to have to give up something substantial?

    TOTHFAN New Member

    read the post above yours

  11. Mr Boo

    Mr Boo Well-Known Member

    I heard it was Sandy Chapman, Ian Rubel, and a draft pick for Driscoll.
  12. cb#18

    cb#18 New Member

    we got him for draft picks and a Player to be named later
    what number will he use ? 39 ? :D
  13. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    I'd be shocked if the Saints trade Driscoll for any package that does not include some guy named Blaine or Colin. I mean, come on. The Saints aren't in the league to make other teams better, and Driscoll is a top 3-5 player. For draft picks? Please, it's much more likely Gongas is just messing with the Toronto media some.

    Doyle for Driscoll or Manning and a pick for Driscoll I can see. Anything else is just the Saints being absolutely retarded. Which, based on other evidence, I suppose could happen, but I doubt it. They don't need to revamp the team again. Doing so just would add more time to the currently six year rebuilding process.
  14. overhand

    overhand New Member

    The DEAL is done! I heard one report that said there were two # 1 picks and a #2 pick, but I also heard another report that said there is also a player to be named later. Not gonna be someone named Blaine or Colin though. We are licking our chops here in Toronto and can't wait to see who we will get in the playoffs. Should be entertaining for us anyway. Sorry WingsfaninNY. Them's the breaks.
  15. lax_over_rugby

    lax_over_rugby New Member

    Is there a chance that we could be in the lineup tomorrow night??
  16. goddessoflax

    goddessoflax Active Member


    Now...I wonder what Barks is going to give him for a nickname?
  17. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    No need to say sorry to me. I'm not a Saints fan. If the Saints traded him for picks, they just set themselves back at least 2 years, which is fine with me, because it makes our division that much easier to win.

    Assuming this is the accurate deal, good for the Rock, bad for the Saints. Still doesn't make the Rock the favorite to beat the Bandits in Buffalo, IMO. Assuming Toronto even gets to the final again.
  18. Tank

    Tank New Member

    Why does New York rebuild EVERY season? I thought theyu were finally getting a good team together and now this? Talk about bad GMing.
  19. Hooligan

    Hooligan Average Joe Millionaire

    Yet another "great" decision by the Saints. Why do we keep letting them field a team? Why not just take the talent they have, and allow a dispersal draft....and everyone give the Saints their draft picks. We can do this every year, and it would be a lot less messy than midseason trades end up. Dear a clue Saints!!!!!:rolleyes:
  20. cb#18

    cb#18 New Member

    it is confirmed, he will be in the line up on Friday with Kimbo but who will get # 93 ?????????????:confused:

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