Christmas Showdown Game Against Calgary

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  1. What a crazy night tonight. The Rush beat the 'Necks 9-6 in front of over 12,300. However, the big news out of the game was the crazy line brawl. With about 30 seconds left in the game a brawl erupted. We even had a goalie fight. At least three or four Roughnecks players jumped off the bench and sprinted into the melee. One of the officials was bleeding from his nose. My guess is he took a punch breaking up one of the fights. I suspect there will be some suspensions stemming from this one. I'm not totally clear on the fighting rules, but if it is anything like hockey, you can't leave the bench to join in a melee.

    Unfortunately, there is no box score that I can find. I am curious what penalties were assessed out of it as they weren't announced in the building. I know Bold and Calgary's backup goalie were tossed out of the game. This led to a weird situation where the Rush had to play the final 30 seconds with an empty net. For some reason Tyler Carlson didn't dress for the game, so the Rush had no backup goalie. I am curious about the Carlson situation as he was announced during the opening festivities (it sort of annoys me but the Rush announce every player and have them run out of the tunnel before every game) but did not run out nor did he ever appear on the bench. I wasn't paying close enough attention during warm ups to see if he was out there or not.
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    Players that leave the bench to start or join a fight are given a bench minor and fined $100 each. The team is also fined $500. The rule book also says that the first or second player to leave the bench (why only them?) will be given a game misconduct, and then says "The player(s) who leave the players' bench or penalty box shall be assessed an automatic game suspension without pay for one (1) regular season and/or playoff game of his team". It's not totally clear whether that applies to ALL players involved or just the first one or two, which is what the previous sentence refers to.
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    The first player from each team get an extra misconduct. All players that leave get the game and the suspension. I believe both coaches also get a one game suspension.
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    Needless to say that Roughnecks/Rush games are going to be fun to watch this year. Great to see the rivalry reignited once again!
  5. I was wrong after I saw the video footage, only one Roughneck took off from the bench.

    Here is footage (not shot by me) of the whole brawl:


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