Cloutier Gone

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Wings Forum' started by WingsNut423566, Feb 6, 2019.

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    8,706 according to the gamesheet.
  2. rnsykes

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    I demand a recount.
  3. RockStar

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    I was a little surprised that the level of fitness issue made it into the article, even if Day said it

    If you read the rest of the article, it is not well researched, and there was at least one spot of malapropism.

    I am guessing that Nicky Sak's "improved online presence" does not include anything that passes for editorial oversight......
  4. mtbf

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    Bandits have Shawn Evens listed as 5'8 sports leagues have no problem lying about height and weight
  5. My bad. What I was trying to say was that I didn't think he should be the 1st or 2nd player off the bench when they are trying to run transition. At least when they are close to the bench (2nd & 4th quarter). There were a few times in the Rochester game where he was 1st or 2nd. The transition player looked at him and then slowed down to set up the offense. Not really sure if that is because he is a lefty, or their wasn't the confidence in completin gthe pass.

    I was sorry to see him go. I see no positive in giving up on the #2 pick in the draft 7 games into his career. I just hope this does not become the WIngs fron office modus operandi when it comes to draft picks the next few years.

    I don't think anybody on this board had a realistic expectation of a winning record or even playoffs this year. That being said, if they can stay out of the damn penalty box their record would be better.
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    Saw a wearing Cloutier jerseys. Well at least they will grow out of them and will have an excuse to buy new.
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  7. BigDave

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    Ummm, excuse me, didn’t most of the draft prognosticators have him going 2nd behind Staats? So does that mean they all suck at evaluating talent too?
  8. swami24

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    After half a season, maybe.

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