Cody Jamieson Isn't Good Anymore

Discussion in 'Rochester Knighthawks Forum' started by KHawksWin2011, Feb 4, 2018.

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    To be fair this was the first time they've covered the team all year. But I will admit they did a great job with the coverage this week.

    Also shoutout to Jammer for leading his offense to 13 goals against the best defense in the league... F*ckin' BUM
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    There were articles about the first two playoff games in the D&C. There was an article in December about that bum who's no good anymore Cody Jamieson but nothing in between. It looks like last year they covered the team more consistently with recaps just about every week.

    So for the argument that more coverage in the D&C would help attendance, compare attendance in 2017 with regular D&C coverage vs. 2018 with much less D&C coverage (outside the playoffs).

    2017 -- 6,755 average attendance
    2018 -- 6,760 average attendance
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    I'd be curious to know how the Knighthawks STH base compares to about 10 years ago. Even though attendance has dropped a bit, I always felt the season ticket holder (or at least diehard fan base) stayed relatively put and it was the casual observers that stopped coming.

    Of course, I have nothing concrete to base this off of. It was just the vibe I always got.
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    We've definitely lost more casual fans than die hards, but that doesn't mean the die hards haven't dropped off a bit too. This is a bit of an estimate but I'd say at one point we filled a large majority of the 100 center sections with season ticket holders. Now really only the center 4 sections are filled with season ticket holders. Of course there are a bunch more scattered throughout the arena but those 4 sections are where a solid amount of us sit.
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    I had seats in row F on the midfield line in 106 on Saturday night. The person next to me asked me "how'd you get these seats?" I just bluntly told them "at the box office," but I wonder if a season ticket holder usually sits there and opted not to buy playoff tickets.
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    100% Jamieson's fault tonight. Discuss.
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    Correct. If he had scored 9 goals instead of the paltry 3 he put in, the Hawks would have won. :rolleyes:

    But let's look at where the real blame is. Vitarelli -- 0 points. Kyle Jackson -- 0 goals. Resatarits -- 1 goal, 1 assist. Currier and Jamieson scored 70% of the goals. Vinc and the Hawks D faded at the end. The Rush won on their home floor and were the better team for most of the game.
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    The good news is that since he's so awful, he should be unprotected, and the Wings can take him in the expansion draft!
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    Jamieson should've either a) Scored 100% of the goals, or b) Stopped being such a ball hog and passed the ball to someone who could've scored 100% of the goals.

    I hope Cody likes Philadelphia.
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    In the playoffs, Cody led the Hawks in points and was 1 goal behind Currier for the goal scoring lead for the team. For all of the playoffs, he was second in points and second in goals tied with Shanks.

    Still not good anymore.
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    Shoulda been first in both categories. Damn.
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    not bad for a guy that started his season with a tonne of rust that needed to be shaken off.
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    Shoulda started the year healthy and rust free....
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    Did I read the game sheet right that Jamieson had SIX turnovers? lmao.
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    Even though this is a bum stat, I would not be terribly surprised if the best player leads the team as often as not. So, let's have a looksie

    (Not sure what to make of this, because, I am betting that this stat is a bit of a dodgy one, like all those second assists that Grant used to get from the bench, and, the extra loose ball that Veltman used to get for flicking the ball off the boards to himself......with a complete season's worth of results though, I can probably decide that these guys are likely actually the top 20)

    Anyway, 20 or so for turnovers is a pretty fine looking list of teams' top 3 or 4 attackers. Jamieson is only No. 28 because he is simply not good anymore :D

    So, for championship game 3 the statistician recorded six, and maybe it was actually like 7 or 8.......

    So, 8 TO would maybe be like one every five K'Hawk shot clocks that did not result in goals.

    Looks bad-ish, but, you're talking about a guy that touches the ball every offensive series, and more than once on most, was probably drawing the first or second best righty defender on the league's best D unit most sets, and, maybe had his wingmates covered well enough that he had to eat the ball and try to bull into space where he could get his own hands free........

    It wasn't good enough, but......hell, neither were a lot of other things. I can certainly understand how it happens. Still probably rather have Jamieson than not.
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    For example, a defensive corp that included BDS and Ian Llord. Those two coughed up too many opportunities. Vinc got worn out as the game progressed, having to stand on his head to compensate for the crap D. And what about Jackson and Vitarelli disappearing? Or Resatarits underperforming?

    Jamieson ain't perfect -- he did blow passes and at least two of those mistakes led to Rush breakaways (though not Rush goals). For the most part, he was being hammered by Rubisch, one of the best defenders in recent memory, or being double teamed in a scrum, so yes, balls will drop. Far bigger problems sunk the 'hawks.

    Not that this matters to the Rochester fans commenting here.

    Let's just move the team to Halifax and spare them the pain of seeing Jamieson again.
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    I gave MASSIVE LAX BRAIN the facts on this last week. He must have trouble reading:

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    Yeah, I even liked that one.

    Just felt like reiterating some of the key points.

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