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  1. Man, was interested in watching a HOME game tonite on NLLTV from Calgary as couldn't attend the game personally (only second time in 12 years that happened!) and was interested in hearing how our play by play guys were. I think was Ryan Ballantine and Grant Farhall. Let me say I was extremely disappointed by them. You would have no clue there were home team commentators, as they repeatedly put down the Roughnecks, were counting them out in the first half, absolutely pathetic for home staff. I have listened to games from everywhere in the league now, and was also surprised by the "bias" of the home analyst/commentator and so was looking forward to hearing ours. Wow, wouldn't know they were home commentators at all, and multiple mistakes, from wrong players, even wrong teams being announced such as while calling the Vancouver/Calgary game, started talking about the Vancouver/Rush game that was simultaneously occuring? and saying Berg being a Vancouver player. Come one, if its your first nite doing this okay, but I was absolutely disgusted by them!!!! Take them off the play by play, give us anyone else!!
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    Is this satire? I'm not sure if we're being punk'd here.

    You were looking forward to how biased they were and they weren't biased? They said that the Roughnecks were playing badly when the Roughnecks were playing badly? I don't know what they said about Berg but he is from the Vancouver area, could that not be what they meant?

    I've been listening to Farhall and Ballantine for years and I find them knowledgeable (do they make mistakes? Sure but everybody does) and unbiased. I would much rather have unbiased announcers that call their own team out for playing badly than a homer like Chris Driscoll where Knighthawk penalties are all undeserved and the other team's goals are all "unfortunate".
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    I listened to the Roughnecks announcers a couple weeks ago when the Rock were in Calgary, and thought they were fine unbiased announcers.

    You'd actually be amazed at how many people out there actually seem to want their home announcers to be biased toward the home team. I'm not sure why that is cause I'd much rather have announcers who are unbiased.

    I've never noticed Chris Driscoll is a Hawks homer (granted I haven't had a chance to listen to him often) but that's disappointing to hear considering he spent considerable time with a few other clubs. Ripper on the other hand, I've always found to be rather biased, hence why I never actively sought out Knighthawks feeds when they first became available.
  4. Figured I would respond directly....

    There are differences between myself and Grant and some other teams across the league. First and foremost, we are league employees. Other broadcast teams are employed by the team directly and broadcast accordingly. Bias is a mandated position for the vast majority of team employed broadcasters. League teams are held to a different standard.

    We both came up in Calgary, listening to the great Peter Maher who showed us how to root for the home team while still being objective.

    We respect the game and treat both teams with that respect. If the Roughnecks play well, we say so. This season, they have played poorly in most weeks at home. If you doubt that, check out Coach Malawsky's comments in the media recently.

    Other division rivals playing at the same are important and that game has implications in a league sense and I will talk about it to offer viewers an insight into other action going on at the same time.

    As to incorrectly identifying players, I apologize for the errors and try and correct them as we can.

    Sorry you were "disgusted". I'll try and do better. One thing that will help me sound like more of a homer will be the home team not matching a franchise record for offensive futility in a half.
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    He's also the Hawks PR guy.....he gets paid to be biased. And the Hawks feeds are of terrible quality so it's best just to skip them altogether.
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    I happen to think the guys in Calgary do a good job.
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  8. Allow me to clarify what I was disgusted about - 1. The announcers were basically writing off the Roughnecks at half time, with repeatedly talking about being so far behind, if I was a new fan, I would have stopped watching. As we all know , lacrosse is a game of runs/memento, and the Calgary based announcers should be more supportive to the home team. I actually did expect more bias to be evident, as I have watched repeatedly other teams stream, so was looking forward to hearing good things about us. Sometimes other announcers would almost make you think only ONE team is playing at a time. Now that I am aware you are league reps, you are remaining super-unbiased/almost as anti-Necks, I will keep that in mind, and hope that will expect that same from other announcers. Would have really been nice to hear more support for the team, even in the struggles we have faced so far this season, which have been substantial and disheartening. Come on, what is wrong with having a little home town pride? 2. As per above quote - "One thing that will help me sound like more of a homer will be the home team not matching a franchise record for offensive futility in a half" wow, just wow! Real fans support the team WIN or LOSE, keep that in mind. Maybe the Roughnecks should have a home person (not league affliated person) announcing who would bring positivity, instead of put downs.
    3. While I appreciate hearing both sides of the game, it wouldn't hurt to have the home announcer to not be so negative during a broadcast. I have heard people talk about fair weather fans , and hope we don't have fair weather announcers. Support the team, good or bad. Even into the last 5 mins, repeatedly saying "no one but Dickson has shown up" etc, we heard it once, twice, thrice, don't need to keep hearing the negative. That's my opinion.
  9. I figure you caught a perfect game to be disgusted by. I didn't bury them at the half, I noted that being down 7-2 to a team that averages 8 GA per game would make a comeback difficult.

    As you said, it was the first time you had ever seen us call a game. I stand by my performance both that night and over the last six years. The other comments in this thread back that up as well.

    Hopefully, you never have to miss another home game and if you do, they play better than they did that night to give you a better idea of what Grant and I do.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    ive watched more than a few Calgary home games in the last several years. I cant remember ever having an issue with something Ryan or his partner called......

    there been a few bad pairs over the years, this is not one of them.
  11. Thank you for allowing me my opinion, and thank you for your reply. Duly noted! However, even if the team plays good or bad, I will support them irregardless!
  12. All good man. Would never bitch about someone with passion, but I invite you watch tonight's first
  13. Better than that, watched the whole thing in person!!! Although even if we'd have lost, I would still support the team. They really earned that win. And the "brothers in arms" line during the anthem showed a whole new determination!

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