come on u ravens

Discussion in 'Vancouver Ravens Forum' started by laxjunkie1, May 6, 2008.

  1. laxjunkie1

    laxjunkie1 New Member

    :blabla::doh::mad::rolleyes:: just had to keep the dream alive!!!!

    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    Me Too

    Gotta Have A Van Team Back
  3. ND14

    ND14 New Member

    It'll happen one of these years.

    We might have to be content with a Seattle team next year though.
  4. ND14

    ND14 New Member

    From the NLL News and Rumours forum:

  5. silvanthalas

    silvanthalas Active Member

    Unless the Ravens weren't nearly as close to returning last year as we were lead to believe, I'm surprised we haven't heard more about them this season. :confused:
  6. ND14

    ND14 New Member

    Yeah, it's been kind of strange that we haven't heard anything until now.
  7. thegreenbastard

    thegreenbastard Active Member

    rumours abound.....but from good sources
    the Black Birds look to be back next season!
  8. Lyle

    Lyle New Member

    That would be awesome:cool:! I wonder if they would really keep the Raven's name or if the owners would try to re-brand the team using a different name.
  9. ND14

    ND14 New Member

    Great news.
  10. Dave S-C

    Dave S-C Well-Known Member

  11. maverick215

    maverick215 New Member

    Well Vancouver... sorry but not until 2010 :(
  12. Rockman

    Rockman Active Member


    In the article it mentions the 2010 Olympics. That might make it very hard for home arena games. I would imagine the arenas will be tied up before and during the games. Sounds to me like 2011 is more realistic. I wonder who the owners that applied this year are?
  13. maverick215

    maverick215 New Member

    Yeah but the Olympics are what.. 2 weeks long?? If that?? So you're looking at having a 2 game road trip, not all that bad, I think they can do it with no problems.
  14. Dave S-C

    Dave S-C Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be so sure - I'd expect GM Place to be occupied for more like three or four weeks by the Olympics and related events. Besides the NHL schedule will need to be compressed to accomodate the Olympic break so the Canucks will be getting first dibs on dates when they become available.

    It wouldn't be so much an issue if there was an existing established team, but having an expansion team start up in 2010 which plays like once and then goes on the road for a month or so may not be wise if they are trying to rebuild interest here in the NLL. Won't help matters that during the Winter of 2009-10 everyone will have the Olympics on their mind - and not lacrosse.

    Yes, it would be smarter to wait the one year and do it right in 2011
  15. maverick215

    maverick215 New Member

    I see what you're saaying, and must say that I have to agree. Well anyways.. best of luck
  16. ND14

    ND14 New Member

    They might not even use GM Place... their first choice last time was the Pacific Coliseum, but they couldn't reach a deal in time so they switched to GM Place.

    It's disappointing that they're saying not till 2010, but I have to wonder why they even bother mentioning the June 1st application deadline if they're not trying for next season. It looks like maybe the owners (whoever they are) are trying for 2009 but Jennings is saying that they're being selective and might not let them in that quickly.

    Anybody heard anything about who these owners are? The article said neither Mayenecht or Whittset was involved, but didn't mention who was. Seems like they're keeping kind a of a low profile.
  17. thegreenbastard

    thegreenbastard Active Member

    well i havent heard any names coming out as of yet. it is quite interesting to see that he says all things things to pump up the idea but wont lead into anything. typical NLL style.

    but i do wonder if they will opt for Pac Coliseum this time around, that is if Mr. Toigo decides to let them in the doors this time.

    also, doesnt the NHL take an Olympic Break? if so that would leave dates open for the arena. However, id think that the venues would be on tight lock down and they wouldnt want any other events going on with in the venues to protect players and doping scandals!
  18. Dave S-C

    Dave S-C Well-Known Member

    Not really - because the during the NHL break Olympic hockey will be going on. Also GM Place is probably being used for figure skating and other related events. So I would assume GM Place won't be available for about three weeks at least and then the immediate weeks before and after that the NHL (re: Cancuks) will be trying to play as many games to make up for the break.
  19. ND14

    ND14 New Member

    I have a hard time believing that the Ravens couldn't work around the Olympics somehow. Even if they had to go 4 or 5 weeks without a home game that wouldn't be the end of the world.
  20. thegreenbastard

    thegreenbastard Active Member

    dave you are right. not sure where i was going with that idea. but you're righta s well ND, when playing with the rush out first year, the last 5 weeks we were on the road, so it is do able....

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