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  1. If the Ravens return in 2010, will it be as the financially reincarnated Ravens from 2002-2004 or a completely new franchise?
  2. schreibkrampf

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    From what I understand is that the Ravens (or whatever they're called) preferred venue is General Motors Place. I think the reason why the new ownership is eyeing GM over Pacific is b/c I think they see the Giants as a potential rival ... in terms of bang for your buck for families.

    Rest assured the NLL will be very accomodating to the Vancouver franchise as it's been dying to get a club back in BC.

    From what I've been told is that Vancouver technically won't be an expansion club as somehow the defunct/suspended Arizona Sting club was mentioned in negotiations.

    Let's hypothetically say what if GM Place and Pacific shut their doors to the lacrosse club ... do you think NLL would fly over on the Island at either Save On Foods or the other "big" arena in Victoria?
  3. Dave S-C

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    This question has been beaten to death numerous times. The long and short of it is: no
  4. Bandits37

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    Yeah i think if they can't get a lease at the major arenas the NLL would just go somewhere else, wouldn't worry to much about that though. All indications seem to be its gonna work out
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  5. ND14

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    Where did you hear this stuff?
  6. thegreenbastard

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    arizona is dead! it hasnt been announced, but the players will be redispearsed.

    and trust me, it cost just as much money to fly players from the mainland to the island as it does to fly across the country sometimes. they will avoid victoria at all costs!
  7. Rids

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    How often do teams no play for two consecutive weekends? Don't think the Olympics are much of a road block either.

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