Commissioner's Comments...anyone believe the "live videocasts" comment?

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by Signman, Nov 6, 2000.

  1. Signman

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    E-LACROSSE: What was the first thing you have done as commissioner?

    JENNINGS: I have done two things. I have relocated our offices to New Jersey, and that is very important. We are right across the street from Giants Stadium, and so close to Manhattan. All the major sports leagues, advertising opportunities, and TV outlets are all located in Manhattan and we are ten minutes away. The second thing that I did was getting our website redesigned. The Internet is so powerful and we want our site to be very nice. People judge a league by its website and we want to have a site that is comparable to, or There will updates daily, live video casts of each game, and a merchandise section.

    E-LACROSSE: In the past, the NLL has been criticized as being lesser than the NBA or NHL. How will you correct that?

    JENNINGS:We are not going to change this league overnight, but we will do little things to build it up. I believe in winning little battles first.
  2. Bandit

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    While this would definitely be a great move on the part of the league, considering this author's track record as far as providing accurate information, I'll believe it when I see it.


    The Unabridged Bandits Encyclopedia
  3. toad455

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    I don't believe the live videocasts and when will the site be "redesigned"?? It still looks the same as of 9pm on Nov. 6. Also, now that the league offices are in New Jersey, I think we'll be seeing an expansion team coming there soon.

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  4. Citrus

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    I think that it will happen, but I don't think that it will be this season.

    One of the problems with video-casting is that in order to use a broadcast camera in many of the facilities th eleague plays in, you hae to be union. This means that net-casting via video will incur many of the heaviest expenses.

    On the bright side, RA and friends have done a great job getting games (and the draft) netcast via audio, which does not require payment of union workers, and was run through volunteer effort. This is a good start.

    What I predict is that these combined efforts will lead to a few "experiments" in video-casting, which will be expanded as they achieve success and/or show promise to make money through advertising. If a few games go over really well, we may see full coverage as early as 2002.

    As an aside, the league and teams will likely be able to charge great rates on ads, because they will own the streams. They won't have to split ad revenues with a broadcast station. If they are partnered with a content generator, there may have to be some sharing there, but the rates will probably still be low enough to be super-competitive and still generate a profit.

    Food for thought, I guess. Personally, I plan on having broadband turned on before the season starts. So, bring on the game coverage! Woohoo! [​IMG]
  5. Citrus

    Citrus New Member

    You make a good point. I think, however, that the tech will eventually catch up.

    On another note, I certainly wouldn't mind trying my hand at calling a game. But, I'm sure a lot of sports fans feel that way.

    I remember seeing the radio room at the hockey hall of fame, and reading about how people would spend evenings in the old days listening to the great sportscasters of old call games on AM. I can kind of see a resurgence of that old-school sports fandom reborn via netcasting.
  6. firehead49

    firehead49 New Member

    this sounds like the league cant get a TV deal. Good work spin doctors.
  7. way2bz

    way2bz New Member

    I still can't believe that we can fill the FUCenter and not be able to get media coverage! What's the real deal?
  8. firehead49

    firehead49 New Member

    Comcast is obligated to show "X" number of hour of fox sports, Flyers, and Sixers. Their news shows fill most of the rest of the time . What is left... 3am on tuesdays unless there was a sixers or flyers game then they repay that game. So you there is alodgical reason we wings fan get SCREWED!
  9. Dave H

    Dave H New Member

    Gotta agree with Scott here -- broadcasting last years Saints games was a blast.

    I'm actually torn over the new idea.

    Of course, I'm happy if the league can get greater coverage via "new and improved" netcasting;

    on the other hand, I was looking forward to continuing the broadcasts with Scott this season.

    Hey Scott -- Perhaps we can do a "Sports Talk" show instead. You know, like a WFAN/WIP kind of thing.

    Go Saints!
  10. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    It took him 6 years, but he didn't get there with the live videocasts :)
  11. temporary1357

    temporary1357 Banned

    Major League Soccer broadcasted games live on their website last year for free, and the quality was awesome. The thing was, they didn't incur any production costs, because they just took the feed from local broadcasts (so games not on local TV were not webcasted).
  12. Goose4lax

    Goose4lax Active Member

    I was looking through a program from when Jennings took office and there was a comment of viewing games over the internet. Well he did get it done, not in the quickest of time but it is done. What other sports are offer live video and audio on the web?

  13. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    you can listen to every hockey game every night for free on
    video feeds for pro teams would be expensive
    i mean look at the digital cable package for nfl nhl mlb nba its so high priced
  14. riley

    riley New Member

    It took longer than he probably expected because back in 2000, everyone assumed that homes were going to be wired with broadband quicker than it happened. Its only been in the past couple of years that it started to make sense to do it. No point in webcasting games if most people are on dial-up.

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