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Discussion in 'Calgary Roughnecks Forum' started by New Fan, Jun 11, 2017.

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    Watched game 2 of the NLL Final last night, what a game. Certainly a last 10 second ending that will be talked about for a long time in the lacrosse circles. Mike Poulin stood on his head and faced 61 shots from the talented Rush O. Couldn't be a more well deserving guy to get a NLL Championship on his resume.
    For Poulin it must have been a wonderful year to play for a Head Coach that focused on building his confidence as a goalie rather than the current Head Coach of the Roughnecks whose snap show tirade on his players, on a regular basis, did nothing but erode confidence of players. Had Poulin had the type of Head Coach he has now the Roughnecks could have easily had 2 more championships. It's too bad nothing will change next year in the management side of the Roughnecks.
  2. I concur with above. So glad to see Poulin and his team take the Cup!!!! He showed why he was the NLL goaltender of the year in 2012!!
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    Absolutely correct. And, guess what the team went 12-4 and Dave Pym was the head coach who was then fired at the end of the season. Now we're stuck with the bully coach.
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    Wow!? Only three years after the geniuses in Toronto left him unprotected for an expansion draft, lost him, drafted Rose with their first pick, and then cut Rose after the first week of camp.......:mad:

    I really wish Poulin had been able to stay in Toronto.......Would have been as good or better than Roik or Rose in the first few years following Watson. Might have also meant that someone other than Paddy Campbell was backup for those last couple of years. I love Paddy, but, those last two years, the coaches simply did not want to let him play........and that was insane pressure on a young No. 1.
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    The Ardmore Aardvark, if he were a Rock fan, would have been thankful to have had a GREAT number one goalie and also a GREAT number one goalie who didn't get INJURED when Paddy Campbell was the backup goalie or else that team would have been FUCKED in the ASS.
  6. I know. Don't remind me. Still don't understand that one. And to think that each year now has had less and less success and worst records EVER and we still have him.
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    They said on the Twitter stream that only Powless and Hall had won Cups before. I thought Poulin would have been 1 of them but this is his first Cup. Good for him!

    I saw some Swarm games last year and thought "this team would be scary good if they fixed their goaltending and the defense was a year older". And the Swarm goes out and gets the best FA goalie out there and the defense gels another year. And they win a Cup.
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    You should scream more like the old days. Stop taking your meds.
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    The Ardmore Aardvark is an absolute beauty!!!!Makes it fun to read. With a league office in the City of Brotherly love he should be rewarded with a team in Allentown soon.
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    The Ardmore Aardvark says THANK YOU VERY MUCH, kind sir even if you cannot spell NIAGARA properly.

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