Coquitlam Sr. Adanacs play merry go round

Discussion in 'BCLA Forum' started by 24MannCups, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. 24MannCups

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    Three GM's in just over a year. (Hill/Joinson/Petry)
    Now they will have 3 Head Coaches in about the same timeframe (Salt/Stockdalle/?) as it's rumored Stockdalle has left.
    This once rock solid franchise appears to be on a slide. That may take a few years to get out of ?
  2. laxboxgoalie

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    If you go check out Coquitlam website they don't have Stockdalle as there Head Coach. They still have Jason Wulder as there Assistant Coach. This franchise started to go downhill when Dr. Don Hedges got voted out as the team President. Hedges was also big money factor for the team. He still is involved but not as much as he used to be.

    This team took a hit a couple of years ago when all there players from Ontario left and they have not restocked there talent pool since than. They have been trying to go with a younger and less cheap route by not bringing in players and the players they have brought in have been from Alberta. Almost all the players they have drafted have been from Coq Jr A team which is nothing wrong with that as its a great Jr program but moving from JR to SR is a huge step and other than Dinsdale there offensive doesn't have enough threats on it.
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    good luck Mr. Tellis, surround yourself with coaches and you will survive.
  5. 24MannCups

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    Mr Tellis must feel a lot like Captain EJ Smith, the ill fated Captain of the Luxury liner the Titanic. It's my understanding he is about to name Coquitlam Junior Alumnist's Jake Elliot and Fayaz Bardai as his Assistant Coaches. This will surely complete the circle of life, and the Senior A Adanac's recent makeover as a once proud franchise in the WLA into a really good Senior B Organization.
    Well Done.
    Perhaps a re-branding is also in the making, Coquitlam Bandits, Coquitlam Beerhunters, Coquitlam Bandit-Hunters. Coquitlam Beer-Bandits.
  6. thegreenbastard

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    This ^^^^ not true.

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