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  1. crossemonkey

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    The MLL needs to bring back real crosse-checking or they are going to always be less exciting than the NLL.

    I think that they got rid of crosse-checking to keep the players from fighting which is too bad. Crosse-checking is exciting to watch and a little fighting adds a lot to the drama of a game sometimes.
  2. judge death

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    if theres no cross checking they might as well be swinging a bat or kicking a soccer ball cause thats as exciting as it can be
  3. crossemonkey

    crossemonkey New Member

    Anybody else remember the early years of Major League Lacrosse when their rules were more like box lacrosse in that cross-checking was legal and fighting wasn't an ejection penalty?

    I don't know if I hate to say it or not, but those games were a lot more exciting to watch.

    It makes me wonder if either the PLL or the MLL will decide to make cross-checking legal and make fighting merely a time serving penalty in order to gain a competitive advantage in terms of attracting and maintaining the interest of sports fans.

    Here's to hoping for the return of a more exciting field-box hybrid :)
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