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    Ok Fan Club members...I have some exciting news.... The P.W.F.C. would like to announce on March 2, 2012 we will be having a retirement dinner for Dallas Eliuk!!! and as Fan Club members you get first chance at tickets for the event. After the Jan 21st game tickets will be on a first come first serve basis. Here is what we have so far....

    The venue was changed as Regency wanted minnimum 200 people. La Stanza will let us hold the dinner with a minnimum of 50. Plenty of parking on site as well.....Thank You Lou Cerino Sr. for getting LaStanza.

    Time 8pm-Midnight
    Date March 2, 2012..Friday
    Place: La Stanza........20th & Oreggon Ave.. Philadelphia Pa
    Cost $35 per person
    1 Hour Open Bar

    Roast Beef.......Chicken Marsella....Stuffed Shells.....String Beans & Potatoes

    Everyone who pays will be eligible for a table upgrade where you and a guest will be able to sit and have dinner with Dallas. Dallas will also be bringing some Wings memorabilia for raffle and for sale...We will also hold a 50/50
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    We are in the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! 14 days til the Dinner with Dallas Eliuk… I MUST hand in the number of those attending the dinner on Saturday 2/25/12.. Once the # is handed in…NO REFUNDS will be given as we will get charged. You CAN NOT pay at the door..NO TICKET…NO DINNER..

    If you know anyone that may be interested in going, or if you know of any other WINGS fans that have not been to a game since Dallas left Give them the info

    Dress code: Business casual…jeans are allowed, and yes WINGS JERSEYS are allowed of course…especially with the #35!!!

    Seating will be done by when you paid/reserved your seat..


    Any Questions contact me PWFC@comcast.net and also on Facebook.
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    Tough weekend with HS lacrosse starting in NJ. 3 days of tryouts starting Friday. Will be having our own Dallas tribute with FIVE freshman goalies coming in. I will be at the game though and hope to see a lot of old faces in the building.
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    Just wanted to post a huge THANK YOU to Rocco for putting a great night together! Had a great time with my fellow Wings fans sharing old war stories and having a great time with the Greatest Goalie in Indoor Lacrosse! Cannot wait to see the #35 head to the rafters. Dallas, was great to see you and it looks like you could still play!
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    I enjoyed the event also. Great seeing Dallas again and he does still look like he can play.
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