Dallas Eliuk retirement dinner!!!!!

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Wings Fan Club Forum' started by WingsPhanatic107, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    Ok Fan Club members...I have some exciting news.... With the help of Kevin Neibauer the P.W.F.C. would like to announce on March 2, 2012 we will be having a retirement dinner for Dallas Eliuk!!! and as Fan Club members you get first chance at tickets for the event. After the Jan 21st game tickets will be on a first come first serve basis. Here is what we have so far....

    Time 8pm-Midnight
    Date March 2, 2012..Friday
    Place: Regency Caterers
    Cost $35 per person
    Open Bar
    Buffet to be determined


    Everyone who pays will be eligible for a table upgrade where you and a guest will be able to sit and have dinner with Dallas. Dallas will also be bringing some Wings memorabilia for raffle and for sale...We will also hold a 50/50 drawing as well. looking at maximum of 300 guests.

  2. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Where the hell is Regency Caterers?
  3. Tom Wersderfer

    Tom Wersderfer Active Member

    Looks like this is the address according to Google:

    2378 Orthodox Street, Philadelphia, PA

    It's in northeast Philly not far from I-95.
  4. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    that is the place
  5. thwingfan

    thwingfan Active Member

    By the pic on Google Maps it looks like an oversized neighborhood bar. According to their website there is a lot to park in.

  6. Eyes from Above

    Eyes from Above New Member

    I look at it as better then nothing!:)
  7. PhillySoldier

    PhillySoldier Active Member

    So sad that this is true.

    There flying this guy in from across the country to honor his legendary status to the team and this is the best we can do for his celebration?

    I dont mean to knock WP's work and effort towards all of this, its certainly appriecated and its definitely "better then nothing". But I'd rather bump up our admission fee and go full tilt towards an all night out sit down dinner.

    The location seems like it may be a bit inconvient for many of the players and fans too. How bout something closer to the city, stadium or airport where the players may actually be staying.

    WINGSBABY41 Moderator

    Dallas' celebration is getting his number retired. The banquet that Rocco has put together through the fan club is an added bonus for the man.

    Some people won't even be able to put 35 dollars out towards this event so I don't see how bumping the admission ticket price would be better. I think Rocco wanted to keep the cost down so the more the merrier. Higher prices = lesser fans. Not all of us can shell out that much money for a banquet. Not to mention maybe Rocco made the price 35 for a reason, the "legend's" number. :)
  9. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Ironic coming from the world's biggest Eliuk hater.

    WINGSBABY41 Moderator

    Ironic if I was the world's biggest Rocco hater, but I am not. I never said I was going. I'm giving Rocco kudos, not Dallas. Hence why legend is in quotes. Pretty much any other player and I would be in. Obviously, me not attending has nothing to do with the event and everything to do with my dislike for Dallas. I wasn't bringing that up though because last time I did I was told to shut the f*ck up.
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  11. JSap

    JSap Administrator

    Thanks Wingsbaby for trying not to bring that up in this thread, and now that we have covered that, I would thank everyone else in advance for dropping that subject and keeping this on the topic of the dinner. Thanks!
  12. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    That's some good moderatin' there JSap!

    (Give her a perma-ban for being a Dallas hater.)
  13. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    The best WE can do???? $35 covers 8-midnight...OPEN BAR...buffet dinner..."better then nothing"??? is anyone else chipping in to help with this function...I have one other person helping me...all these halls want an arm and a leg for costs etc.. How much would you charge per person for a sit down dinner, where you get a set amount of food, and most likely a cash bar for everything..

    How is it inconvienient??? PLayers?? it will only be DALLAS...it is difficult to get the alumni to come to these, especially if they going to be there on Saturday night as well.. we have already gone down that road and Dallas wants it to be him and the fans who supporte him in the 15 yrs he was here
  14. PhillySoldier

    PhillySoldier Active Member

    Alright now lets not go overboard and get your panties all bunched up.

    I said I think its great what ya did and already sent ya a msg asking if ya need help with anything. It may be just my hero worship of dallas but I just had more in mind as in formal thats all. Last I saw it simply said $35 each, bar is included and food will be determined later. That doesnt mean much at all for a family that doesnt drink.
  15. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    never received your message......I dont drink either.....but I am trying to see if we can get a price for those who dont drink......and Dallas didnt want a big formal thing.....this is soley done by the Fan Club, not the organization Menu not determined as I still have to talk to Dallas as he has had some things come up personally that is tying him down right now
  16. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Says the guy who pounds girly shots at the Stock. :rolleyes:

    You complain a lot.
  17. PhillySoldier

    PhillySoldier Active Member

    Perhaps what Im writing is coming off wrong here. I dont mean to be making this sound like any big deal and Im not worried about getting a cheaper prices for not drinking. I only meant that if chipping in slightly more provided a better food menu choice type of thing that Id be willing.

    My msg to ya was sent on face book. You have my info, give me a call, we'll gladly help setup the event with ya.
  18. Eyes from Above

    Eyes from Above New Member

    Rocco,I was not taking a shot at you or the fan club. but as you know, Dallas is/was such a big part of Philly Lacrosse ,that you would think they (Wings) would do something for him (of this nature.)
    I think what still sticks in my head is the "tribute" that was give to Jake. I liked the one for Tommy but Jakes left a lot to be desired.
    I think the price is fair for the times and it being a small crowd makes it that much better.Enjoy.
  19. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    Eyes....thats the thing.....Dallas doesnt want the Wings to handle this...he wants it to be a laid back evening, with his closest fans, thats why he contacted me to ask who was running the fan club at this time, and ironically it happens to be me.

    PhillySoldier....we priced other places, etc...and with the economy the way it is...this is the most reasonable place.....dont go by the look on the outside.... the wings are aware of the function we are having for Dallas...so if they want to pitch in that is fine, but it would be run by the fan club and how Dallas wants it to be done. I will be taking payments for the dinner at the table prior to face off and at half time.

    If I came off in a bad way, I apologize to those offended...Hopefully this goes off well and we send Dallas off with a great weekend. See everyone on the 14th
  20. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    ok let me rephrase.....I dont drink alot if I have to drive....we walked to the hotel from the stock....:drunk:
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