Dawson traded!

Discussion in 'Rochester Knighthawks Forum' started by hawkrock, Feb 26, 2018.

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    If the rush were willing to part with those two pick you can assume Church is out long term. I can see him becoming a pp specialist for the rush.
  2. Mr Boo

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    Do you mean Knight? It's Knight that's been put on the IR. I haven't seen anything about Church being injured.
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    my kid told me church but it must be Knight. Not too often I get to tell him he's wrong about lax stuff.
  4. Personally, I will be surprised to see if DDD plays even one game for the Rush. Being a healthy scratch lately, firefighter, young family, living out East, my opinion is he is bait for the expansion draft. That way Keenan gets to protect all the players he wants to (his core group)and that the number allowed, and can offer up DDD as bait/trade for the Philly Wings team. ( and maybe even keep more of his own players because DDD is a veteran to lead and bring forth a fledgling team which would need a leader for a year or so). Shall be interesting to see, but that is my take on this, that DDD is just bait and probably won't even suit up for a Rush game this year.
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    You'd have to be high to pass up on one of Mydske, Messenger, Cornwall, Sorichetti, or Thompson for DDD.

    Then again, Paul Day was high during his entire tenure as Rush GM. If a guy is dumb enough to trade a 1st for Susheski, there's no telling what he can do.
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    Why would the Rush do all this to protect one player, They will lose one to both the Philadelphia and SD teams if this was the plan to send the two picks to Philadelphia to get the player you want to keep back. An expansion team is not going to pass on young proven talent for DDD.
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    The last sentence is.all that matters here.
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    The one thing Dawson does have experience with is playing for 1st year teams. Portland, Arizona, Boston......still, Dawson is likely available for free at the end of the year since the Rush already have a solid right side O and 3 1st round picks in the next 2 drafts.
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    Been a little busy lately and haven't been posting a lot but just wanted to bump this thread in honor of DDD. Favorite athlete of all time and one of the best to ever play the game. Still love watching some of those old highlight tapes from his days with the Blazers. Absolutely insane. We have him to thank for that 2014 Championship.

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